Mom Arrested After Toddler Found Wandering Streets In Brooklyn

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The mother of a Brooklyn toddler was arrested Monday after the young girl was found wandering alone on the street.

A sharp-eyed cabbie spotted the 2-year-old wearing nothing more than a diaper around 2 a.m. in Cypress Hills.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones Speaks With Neighbors In Cypress Hills

It seems the impossible journey from the home on Euclid Avenue — a 3-story house with an 8 foot high stoop — wasn’t that impossible for the tot.

“Elizabeth,” the mother of a 2-year-old herself, wonders how the little girl got down the steep stairs.

“Luckily there was somebody outside that seen her. God forbid the baby would have crossed the street and something. Nobody would have known because everybody’s sleeping at that time,” she told 1010 WINS’ Al Jones.

The child was treated at Brookdale Hospital and released to an uncle. Police have arrested the girl’s 30-year-old mother, Lady Rosales.

Baby Jagmohan, a neighbor, said Rosales is a good mother, but doesn’t know what occurred early Monday morning.

“She take care of her daughter a lot….I don’t know what happened last night,” she said.

The parents of another Brooklyn toddler were also arrested in a separate incident after their son was found wandering around 1 p.m. Saturday about a half block from his house.

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  • micah

    These are the times we live in. A woman is more protective of her I-phone than her own child. I bet she doesn’t let it out of her sight.

  • cluxx clamsman

    Just another crackho not caring about her offspring.

  • Bullett

    Sounds like the entire family was in a drug or alcohol induced coma and left the baby at the curb.

  • Rocker80

    sounds like the mother is wrongfully being charged as this was obviously was not done deliberately.

    Hopefully she will sue for flase arrest.

    • Lou

      Where did you get that from? We know nothing about what happened and whether she should be charged with something or not…

      • Rocker80

        racial profilng

    • LiberalsRDopes

      spell much?

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  • comehomesafe

    One day I found a 2 year old Hmong boy wandering in the streets, lost and alone. The boy barely spoke, and did not know much English. He crossed a very busy street all by himself and by the grace of God was not hit by a car. I called the police and guess what they did–nothing! In fact the officer tried to get this boy in the back of his car, sitting behind the cage (and he was not having it!). I had to rely on neighborhood children to help find his parents. The Hmong people are very family orientated, and care for each other–they saw how poorly this police officer was handling the situation and offered to take the boy in until his parents could be found. It was the Hmong neighbors who found his parents b/c the officer got frustrated and just wanted to leave. The boy’s father fell asleep and did not notice he slipped outside. Shame on the police officer in St Paul who did nothing to help!

    • Peter

      nice story

  • jkhjkhjhkjh

    she take of her daughter a lot……..just not all the time….

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