Police: Woman Dragged, Assaulted Near LIRR’s Ronkonkoma Station Is Safe

RONKONKOMA, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A woman caught on surveillance video apparently being beaten and abducted last week at the Ronkonkoma Long Island Rail Road station has come forward and is safe, police said.

The March 4 incident, which was caught on surveillance video from “Village Taxi,” shows a man knocking down a woman, who had just exited a LIRR train.

The two, who appear to know each other, exchanged words inside the 24-hour car service business before he allegedly forced the woman to leave.

Once outside, the suspect apparently knocked the woman down and dragged her out of view of the surveillance camera.

Witnesses told authorities that the man also placed the victim over his shoulder and threw her into the back of a light silver 4-door Nissan Altima — either late 1990′s or early 2000′s model.

MTA police did not say if anyone has been arrested.




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  1. JoeFriday says:

    Just anutha brotha takin care his bidness. Why you all got be hatin’ on him?

  2. BrooklynCyclone says:

    While it is good to know that the is safe at the moment, this type of violence often escalates. I do hope for this woman’s sake there will be a law enforcement intervention, and something more than an order of protection. That piece of paper never saves someone from harm when an agressor is intent on harming the person it is supposed to protect.

  3. TRIBECA says:

    It good to know, she’s safe now. I was thinking about her ever since I saw it on the news. I hope those who know this bully, call 911 so he can be placed where he belongs. Behind bars, he can really prove his manhood.

    1. UKCALIGIRL says:

      Glad she’s safe. I’ve been really worried about her too. Whether she wants to press charges or not, this guy should be arrested, charged and sentenced to jail time, based on the video. He’s very sick, very dangerous and he has no respect for others. He’ll do this again. If not to her, to someone else. In jail, he’ll more than likely get a taste of his own medicine. In my opinion, he’ll have earned it.
      Now, let’s hope Abreeya Carol Brown, 18, and Ashley Victoria Conaway, 21 are found safe and unharmed.

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