City Council Warns Transportation Bill In DC Could Hurt NYC Commuters

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A transportation bill in Washington D.C. could slash funding for mass transit in the Tri-state area and could end up costing commuters more to get to work.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb On The Story

The bill in Congress could cut close to $1 billion in MTA funding. City Council members say that would mean many of the improvement projects that are planned would be stopped short and straphangers could end up paying the difference.

The City Council issued a press release saying the potential slash in federal funding would mean trouble for the 2nd Avenue subway project, the installation of countdown clocks in subway stations and the extension of the 7 line through the west side of Manhattan.

And that’s not all. Subway riders could be forced to pick up the slack. City Council members warn that fares could increase by 20 percent, meaning the current fare of $2.25 a trip could go up to $2.75. Add that to the fare hike the MTA already has planned for 2013 and straphangers could end up paying $3 a ride or more.

“That would be a little much, especially during this hard economic time,” said Carlos Nieves from Harlem.

“Any cut of $1 billion means higher fares, higher tolls. Things are bad enough. We don’t need the federal government now telling us that they’re going to basically divest of supporting transit here in New York City. That’s unacceptable to taxpayers and straphangers,” City Council transportation committee chairman James Vacca told WCBS 880 reporter Rich Lamb.

City Council members are now calling for the House of Representatives to guarantee funding for mass transit. They say that if something isn’t done, 550,000 transit-related jobs in New York City could also be in jeopardy and passengers could see huge disruptions to their commute.

The bill is expected to be voted on by the Senate on Wednesday.

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  1. Robert Moses says:

    ALL public transportation should be BANNED. If you want to go anywhere, then be a REAL American and DRIVE.

  2. DP says:

    NYC is already being hurt by current conditions. For all the fare increases AND payroll tax, MTA is still not able to keep its head above water – and it is a long way on increasing capacity in proportion to the charges above inflation. The impression is that even completely shut down, its expenses would still be too high. If they are unable to tolerate the removal of payroll taxes and a fare cut, perhaps they should be shut down.

  3. texxxx says:

    I dont see what NYer ‘s are griping about…so you pay $105 for a metro card…

    If you lived in the other 90% of America you would need a CAR…. I have safe drivers and its still over $700 even if i dont drive it then figure gas and repairs $1200 year to use the subways is super cheap in my book….

  4. Nick says:

    “straphangers could end up paying the difference.”

    You mean, the users will actually have to pay for what they use instead of the rest of the country paying for it? Wow. What a concept.

    1. Rugbyball says:

      Who pays for corn? The tax payers, via Federal incentives and tax breaks.

      Who pays for Oil research & exploration, the tax payers via Federal incentives and tax breaks.

      Who pays for Bio-Fuel or other alternative energy research and development, via Federal incentives and tax breaks

      So on and so on. NYC is just asking for there’s, cause EVERYONE got there’s.

      1. The Realist says:

        Who pays for ROADS and AIRPORTS? The taxpayers, via government funds at all levels.

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