By Ann Liguori
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Now that Mike D’Antoni is out, this is Carmelo Anthony’s big chance to have it his way, to lead the team on his terms, to shine. That is what is expected of him now. Anthony got exactly what he wanted! It was inevitable that D ‘Antoni would be looking at the Knicks in his rear view mirror, probably more than relieved to say goodbye to the turmoil and his differences with Anthony. They were on a collision course that was bound to lead to a crash sooner than later. And how disappointing that it had to end this way for the classy coach and that he would have to ‘acquiesce,’ but a clash in style, on and off the court, did him in.

Too bad the Linsanity joy ride had to end! But is there anyone out there who didn’t think that once Anthony rejoined the team, the magical chemistry led by Lin and spread throughout the team, would end, and the Knicks’ fantasy run would vanish?

There is a lot to be said about team chemistry and positive leadership and the fact that there is no ‘i’ in the word ‘team.’ Lin showed that if he could get the entire team involved in the offense and make some spectacular plays on his own, their over-all play would improve.

And now the joy has gone unless Anthony, the leader of the team, can muster up a win streak and prove he’s great for team chemistry. If Anthony and Amare Stoudemire do what they are supposed to do, consistently, and if J.R. Smith, Steve Novak and company chip in, and if Lin can continue to make the plays and keep everyone smiling, perhaps the Knicks may pleasantly surprise us.

And let’s hope that Phil Jackson would like to coach again. It’s going to take someone with his credentials and leadership abilities to deal with the present state of pro hoops where the highest paid players rule the roost.


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