Of all of the games from Day 1 of the Round of 64 in the NCAA Tournament, only one of them was marred by extremely questionable officiating, and it happened to benefit Craig’s alma mater, the No. 1-seeded Syracuse Orange. But not even Craigie could condone some of the calls made in this game.

Mind you, a 16-seed has never beaten a 1-seed in the history of the tournament. And there is no denying that the poor kids from UNC-Asheville were denied at least a chance of making it happen.

Craig runs through the sequence of events that began with Cuse trailing by four at halftime. Vegas made the second-half spread Syracuse (-11), which meant that if you took the Orange in the second half, they would have had to win the game by more than seven points to win your bet.

Between an egregious out of bounds call going against UNC-Asheville and the refs almost awarding Syracuse an extra foul shot in the final minute while they held a – you guessed it – seven-point lead, Craig couldn’t fight the feeling that perhaps one or more of the officiating crew must have had some money on this game. You be the judge…

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