As you probably already know, we like to have some fun here on the B&C Morning Show from time to time. And far be it from us to be too grown-up for a little sexual innuendo.

During one of Jerry’s updates this morning, as any good sports update guy would, he gave us the news that Dwight Howard not only wasn’t traded by the Orlando Magic, he also waived his opt-out clause for next year assuring he will stay with the team for at least another season.

This has obvious implications for the New Jersey Nets, who had pipe dreams of opening up their new arena in Brooklyn next year with the tandem of Deron Williams and Dwight Howard highlighting the roster. Instead the Nets made a curious move, trading away Mehmet Okur, Shawne Williams, AND a top-3 protected draft pick to Portland for the immortal Gerald Wallace.

Based on this, Craig makes the point that Nets’ owner Mikhail Prokhorov is too caught up in trying to win Russian elections to focus on the well-being of his basketball team, although he does struggle pronouncing the man’s last name. In fact one of his attempts at pronouncing “Prokhorov” came out sounding like the name of a Russian superhero.

During his Prohkorov impression, he plays off of Vladimir Putin’s name and coins the phrase “getting Putin,” which has a pretty obvious sexual connotation. Craig then turns to Al Dukes and asks him if he is a fan of Putin. His response is nothing short of hilarious.

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