TGIF everybody! It’s Max here taking over the blog from Bobby for today.

Boomer and Craig kicked off Friday morning’s extravaganza with a lot on the docket to talk about. The NCAA Tournament kicked into full gear on Thursday with a full schedule of games to be played today as well.

But the lead story in New York today is the one plastered all over the back pages of the newspapers. Mike Woodson could take Jeremy Lin out of the starting point guard role in favor of either Baron Davis or Mike Bibby.

Craig thinks that this is one of the more comical concepts that he has ever heard, and Boomer is completely in agreement. The guys talk about Mike Woodson’s infatuation with star players by referencing his time as head coach of the Atlanta Hawks a few years ago. Overall, Boomer and Craig both seem to think that it would be Linsane (see what I did there) to reduce Jeremy’s playing time.

Also, Mark Sanchez was on Randall’s Island at a charity event on Thursday and took a few minutes to meet with the media. Earlier, when he was asked about the anonymous quotes from teammates who essentially threw Mark under the bus, Sanchez called those actions “a gutless thing to do.” Craig is proud of his quarterback for growing some stones regarding this whole issue. He even contemplates throwing him a Bar Mitzvah.

All this and more as we get rolling on a fantastic Friday!

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