Dharun Ravi Found Guilty In Rutgers Webcam Spying Trial

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) Dharun Ravi, a former Rutgers student accused of using a webcam to spy on his roommate who later committed suicide, was found guilty of invasion of privacy and bias intimidation.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney In New Brunswick

The jury reached a split verdict during its third day of deliberations in the Rutgers webcam spying trial.

Ravi shook his head as the verdict was read. The jury found he used a webcam to spy on his roommate Tyler Clementi in Sept. 2010 and that he did it and told others about it because of a bias against gays.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg With More On The Verdict

Each bias intimidation charge included five questions. A finding of guilty on any of them made Ravi guilty of the entire charge.

The jury issued a split verdict on those subquestions, finding him not guilty on some sub parts of some counts, but guilty of all 15 counts as a whole.

It found, for example, that Ravi did not try to intimidate Clementi’s romantic partner, identified in court only as M.B., and that Clementi reasonably believed Ravi was trying to intimidate him because of his sexual orientation. It split over whether Ravi knowingly or willfully intimidated Clementi because of his sexuality.

Ravi was also found guilty of witness and evidence tampering, attempted invasion of privacy and hindering apprehension or prosecution.

LINK: Full Breakdown of Decisions Posted on NJ.com.

“They didn’t find necessarily that he hates gays, but they found that the victims felt intimidated because they were gay,” explained legal analyst and attorney Mark Furnish. “It’s complicated and it’s an unsettled area of the law and I think there will be fertile grounds for an appeal in the case.”

Kashad Leverett of South Amboy is the same age as the defendant he judged. He said the evidence showed Ravi acted with intent.  He said there was very little argument during the deliberations and no one considered the spying to be an innocent prank.

“It wasn’t a typical jury where you see people arguing and everything,” Leverett told CBS 2’s Lou Young.

Days after the spying took place, Clementi committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington Bridge. Ravi was not charged with causing Clementi’s death.

Outside the courthouse after the decisions were read, Clementi’s father, Joe, addressed himself to college students and other young people, saying: “You’re going to meet a lot of people in your life. Some of these people you may not like. Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean you have to work against them.”

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell: Joe Clementi Said Watching The Trial Was Painful

“We were here every day because wanted to be here for our son, and because we believed this trial was important because it dealt with important issues for our society and for our young people today,” Joe Clementi said on Friday.

He is asking young people to be tolerant and to speak up if they see something they know is wrong.

“You can make the world a better place. The change you want to see in the world begins with you,” he said.

Clementi’s family has created a foundation to prevent teen suicide and develop anti-bullying programs.

Clementi’s death was one in a string of suicides by young gays around the country in September 2010. President Barack Obama commented on it, as did talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

Steven Goldstein, chairman of the gay rights activist group Garden State Equality, said he believes the verdict sends an important message.

“We do believe that this verdict shows that a ‘kids will be kids’ defense is no excuse for bullying,” he said. “This is an important verdict in the interest of sending a powerful signal that bullying is unacceptable, period.”

Rutgers also issued a statement after the verdict that said: “This sad incident should make us all pause to recognize the importance of civility and mutual respect in the way we live, work and communicate with others.”

The most serious charges, bias intimidation based on sexual orientation, a hate crime, carry up to 10 years in prison each. Legal experts said the most Ravi would probably get all together would be 10 years.

Ravi’s sentencing is set for May 21.

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  • Joe R

    And the source of your expertise? Did you, perhaps, take a walk on the wild side? Do you have something you want to share–or perhaps something you desperately DON’T want to share? Not that it matters either way–that is the point.

    Not for the last time, sadly, there is no agenda. That is a tired old song hauled out to marginalize *every* minority group being persecuted since time immemorial, whether it is a racial, religious or in this case a sexual minority. Same song, no difference. The words in every case are the same: freedom, equality. No more than everybody expects for themselves; no more than we demanded when we made this country our own nearly 250 years ago.

    Being so quick to judge when you haven’t walked the ground of those you are judging puts you at great moral hazard. Remember that when you judge, you open yourself up to being judged. That kind of scrutiny can be withering.

    • Joe R

      This was supposed to be a Reply to Littlestar’s message of 3/16 at 7:29pm. I’m not sure why it was left as a new message; it makes no sense that way. Perhaps it can be moved or…?

      • littlestar

        Hi Joecito ! I submitted a response but your friend at CBS chose not to let it through. No new news there. Luv ya !

  • Common Sense

    The fact of the matter is that marriage is between a man and a woman. IF you think differently, which you are entitled to do, then so be it.
    The church and the government(any government) never intended to protect sod omy. People are more understanding now but you cannot liken the love of a man and women to that of two men…its just not the same. In fact the latter is filthy and will be the focus of a severe backlash if you don’t shut up.

  • sick of NYC

    Gay jews prevail once again.

    • Amused but not misled

      No. The moralis: The squeaky whack job gets the grease.

      But for his tragic and EXTREMELY dramatic suicide, no one would care. Gay has little to do with this. If he was having sex with a woman we’d still be here.

      What a crock of exploited and misleading crap we’ve been sold by the media here.


  • mkjmkjlk

    this smug prick got what he deserved

    • ???

      mkjmkjlk You must be both gay and a hater.Every comment I’ve seen from you is negative.Everyone is entitled to their opinion,weather you like it or not! Stop the hate

  • littlestar

    Everyone is missing the point of this. The real issue is suicide. Why is this so taboo anyway? Why can’t we move on and progress as a culture and embrace “mortality determination “. ?

    • Amused but not misled

      Never mind the instability of the victim.

      It’s not taboo. It’s speaking ill of the dead- that’s why.

  • Glenn Erdmann

    GET THE SOAP ! ! !

    • Vina Sestonari

      Um, the line is “Don’t bend over to pick up the soap”. Not “Get the soap!”

      Kids these days can’t even tell a sodomy joke properly!

  • truth

    If Clementi would have went on a shooting spree would Ravi be charged?

    • littlestar

      Awsome !

  • truth

    Its unfair to just blame Ravi

  • rose

    I remember walking in on my roommate having sex. She was having sex with a heterosexual male but it was still very awkward. I am not saying what he did was right was 10 years is a bit harsh. My heart goes out to his parents. He is a jerk I agree but his parents don’t deserve to suffer the humiliation and hatred.

    and what about Clementi? was he on depression meds? his conversations doesn’t seem like that of a normal teenager. Perhaps he committed suicide because his mother rejected him? There probably was several reasons. Its unfair to just blame Ravi

    Rutgers? they have nothing in common yet u assigned them to be roommates. Ina way you caused this!!

    • Lisa

      I can’y believe you’re blaming the school for causing this. Seriously?? You have problems lady. Get some help. This guy knew what he was doing and he needs to pay the consequences. It’s message boards like this that shows me the ignorance and stupidity of the society we live in.

      • Lisa's mom

        Lisa you know that Ravi is innocent.

        No one can blame him for having a perverted roommate

        • Joe R

          Apparently, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

          Are you one of “them” that talks about “compassion” all the time but doesn’t have a coherent idea about what the word actually means? Let me help: when someone commits suicide, you reach inside and find that feeling of concern and empathy (that’s an even deeper word; we won’t go there) for another, *without regard* for who or what they are. They are in pain–that is sufficient. Isn’t that a better lesson–or is it example?–for your daughter than the one you set with your response which struck me as hateful? Unless… (did I somehow miss the announcement?) were YOU appointed the ultimate judge on what is and what isn’t “perverted?” Really? Because you have to realize that modern medicine and science has a different view–at least “officially” since 1987–on what constitutes “perverted.” In my humble opinion, it’s calling other people perverts when they are different than I am or act differently than I believe they ought to act–but what do I know… Hmmm, is it *possible* to pick and choose who you are going to treat with compassion without being a hypocrite? Isn’t it an all or nothing deal? Just food for thought.

          • littlestar

            You kinda rambled on that one dude.

  • Manny

    Poor kid, he goes away to school, the school sticks him in the same room with a homo, now his life is ruined.

    • Amused but not misled

      Poor little rich kid. A life of privlege

      Ravi may spend 24 x 7 on camera huimself now in Rahway or off Route 78 on Newark.

  • lorenzo

    I cant for understand this case for the life of me. i really can’t. I am saddened that this young man was pushed to the pint to where he thought that he had no other choice but I cannot understand how this dot head was convicted on all counts. I really can’t.

    • mkjmkjlk

      maybe u should try something called “following the trial”…nah thats too hard for you

    • harry0

      You are an ignorant jerk

  • Gladys Kravitz

    Well, 10 years at Camp Pokahinee and a return ticket to India seems like a fair sentence. Boy I hope kids who cyber-bully other kids are paying attention.

    • Sappy

      I hope more gays jump from more bridges

      • ANGEL


    • Nancy P

      Those who cry about bully’s are just the weak links in our species. clementi was weak

  • Joy-Ann R

    He’s a sociopath.

    He has no regard for others — including their privacy. He also has no empathy. He fits the profile of a sociopath. The way I see it … one down about 10,000,000 more to go, at least here in the U.S..

    At least if he’s where he belongs behind bars, he can’t violate the hundreds of other victims he would have eventually sought out. Hundreds of innocent people will be spared whatever horrible act he would have felt like doing to them. ALL sociopaths have hundreds of victims throughout their lives. Sometimes it’s just a matter of using or scamming someone and they eventually can recover from the pain and anguish. But, sociopaths get their ‘fix ‘by doing horrid, awful things to others … while appearing perfectly innocent and staying within the law. That’s how a sociopath gets their ‘high’.

    If Tyler didn’t commit suicide no one would even know about his torment and pain and the humiliation he suffered. Actually, with sociopaths, that’s usually how it goes down. They victimize and bully and the victim suffers in silence.

    Their insidious bullying goes undetected and stays under the legal radar — at least most of the time. Like I said, hundreds of other people he would have encountered and worked with in the future would have suffered from some horrid event he would have caused. He doesn’t have a conscience.

    Most sociopaths don’t rape, molest children or murder, some do but many don’t — just victimize and torment others in a wide variety of hard-to-prove ways. They each have their own types of victimization that they like best. Actually, most don’t commit major crimes so they harm or torment people in ways that won’t involve serving jail time. Most of them victimize people every day, while staying within the law and while their victims suffer in silence with nowhere to go for help.

    • littlestar

      ” …hundreds ofother victims “. ???? What planet are you on ? Clementi was the dagerous one.

    • Gladys Kravitz

      What he did was wrong. I just think he’s bully who did not think there would be consequences. The legal system is behind the times with regards to the internet and social media. It’s good to see they are starting to catch up a little. Cases like this are heart breaking.

    • Nyc

      Yeah you should the second of the 10,000,000 to go next. Sicko.

    • Joe R

      Nail. Head. SMACK!

      (I’m accused of leaving over-long messages. Not this time… )

  • David Ruffin

    Ravi = guilty of being a nasty ass sleazebag. However…….I dare the Clementi’s to finally address the fragility of their disturbed son – they raised him, they did not recognize his homosexuality. They did not fully support him emotionally when he came out before he left for Rutgers. They are the parents, they are the ones who are supposed contribute to the “backbone” that their son has, gay, straight, bi or otherwise. No suicide, no trial here, we all know that. This public trial isn’t just a message for the futures Ravi’s of the world. It should also be a message for the parents of 18 year olds who think suicide is an answer to their problems.

  • NYCsewer

    sex in a dorm room by two dudes yuck..one less homo is a good thing

    • wayfarer

      i am not pro gay but arse holes like u should die slow painfully horrible deaths

  • littlestar

    This verdidt will turn the majority against homosexuals and those who choose to be that way. SO SAD. luv ya !

    • Kevin

      I could not agree more, I tend to think I am progressive when it comes to these gay rights issue but boy-o-boy these gay groups are like spoiled kids(nothing pacifies them, they want it now and want more). I am at a point where I am thinking about how to stop this non-sense.

  • truth

    we’ve all been ashamed of our actions,or bullied.Yet we are still here.commiting suiicide is a COWARDS way out. Nobody to blame but himself

    • Nyc


      • mkjmkjlk

        truth and nyc def belong together

        • truth

          so do you and Clementi

  • Liberals are Evil

    Ravi should not be going to jail. If that homo would have kept his sick conduct to himself, he wouldn’t have jumped off a bridge!

    • littlestar

      OOOOO-RAH !

  • littlestar

    Sacco and Vanzetti. Bruno Richard Hauptman. Dharun Ravi.

  • littlestar


  • Jon P.

    Maybe you should jump off a bridge and spare all of us your bias, pitiful ideology.

    • Rock

      Jon p. please stop touching little boys

      • Liberals are Evil

        John P, you are obviously a sick homo!

    • Liberals are Evil


      I bet the P is for prick. You are obviously a sick homo!

  • Kerrie Butler


  • lulu

    So if he hadn’t jumped off the bridge no case no verdict. The purity of association. The omnipotence of myth and society and fate.

  • Bubba's Waiting For You Sweetie!!!!


    • Anonymous

      Um, Indians are ugly and dirty? And I suppose american rednecks smell of lavender and look like celestials? Beer, trailer-trash, red-faced and pot-bellied is more like it. Not to mention stupid, if they think slumdog millionaire, big bang theory and Punjabi culture alone is all of India.

      Grow up, moron.

  • lynn taylor

    If you hide in a closet and jump out to scare your friend…that’s funny……but if he’s gay and dies of a heart attack, it’s a hate crime and you’ll do 20 years…welcome to the fascist socialist states of Liberal America.

    • Sam

      @ Lynn Taylor, he was not found guilty of killing his roomate (I would not call this guy a friend). He was charged with invasion of privacy and bias intimidation. I don’t think you would saying this if it were you or your child being video taped having an intimate moment with their lover and having her roomate post it on the internet. This verdict should send a good message to everyone about the consequences of the things they do.

      • john

        Agreed, this was way beyond just playing around with a friend, though I doubt he intended the resulting out come. The internet is a powerful medium, if you put something up it potential is broadcast to everyone you know or are connected with in a few moments. At a minimum it was thoughtless and cruel. A message needs to be sent.

      • Amused but not misled


        That’s Press bulls*t that the press manufactured – it never happened.

    • burstlp1958

      facist? socialist? don’t use words you don’t really know the meaning of–socialism is an economic sharing concept and facism is inapplicable here as well–

  • Ursalina

    It’s embarrassing to 1010WINS that the anchor actually misunderstood the verdict and told her audience that Ravi was found innocent of most of the most serious charges. She should be fired and replaced with someone who understands the news — not just mouths it.

    • friend

      I heard the same thing, wow

  • Bob

    10 years?!?!? While OJ roamed free for about 15 after killing 2 people in 1994?!??!? While (her own) child murderer Casey Anthony roams free today?!?!? Robert Blake as well! Are you fekng kidding me?!?? Did Ravi push Clementi off the GWB?!?!? NO! And from what I read, he (Clementi) knew there was a camera present. If I am doing something that private, I am not taking any chances of it being exposed. The first thing I do with a webcam in the room is to make sure it is not focusing on what I don’t want the whole world to see (disconnecting it and covering the lens could work too the last time I checked).

    This trial about political correctness and nothing else other than maybe the Jewish controlled NJ court system having it out for Muslim. Too bad I wasn’t on that jury. NOT GUILTY ALL THE WAY. Because the law isn’t always right.

    • burstlp1958

      aside from your clear bigotry and misguided conspiracy notions, the law is the law until its either struck down by a court or changed by a legislature–and it is to control until changed contrary to your ridiculous view that YOU can choose the laws that are or are not right–its not an issue of PC to expect privacy and not be filmed and broadcast without your knowledge or consent–just because you disapprove of the conduct and think somehow the kid deserved whatever doesn’t change the fact what he did was morally wrong and against an existing law

    • Gflow

      Some are more equal the others.

    • Michael H.

      Ravi is Hindu, not Muslim.

    • littlestar

      Amen !

  • The US is becoming Feminized

    Ravi didn’t cause this sodomite to jump off a bridge. boys will be boys. 10 years? He shoulda skipped just skipped bail and bought a new identity.

    • Melvin in Manhasset

      Dont give the “boys will be boys” excuse. I bet you were the bully when you were a kid…

      • The US is becoming Feminized

        Yes I was, so what? Wht are u gonna do?

        • Melvin in Manhasset

          Ok there, Internet tuffguy

  • NJ

    Why is he allowed to continue to be out on bail …found guilty should not he be in prison

  • The jury got it wrong

    Please delete this racist comment.

    And, this trial was nothing more than a witch hunt. Very unfair and the mainstream media should be ashamed of themselves portraying Clementi as the poor victim and the foreigner Ravi as an evil gay-hating person.

    Ravi you will, unfortunately, have to pay the price and be the scapegoat in all this when we know that the only person to blame for Clementi’s death is Clementi himself.

  • Sean Patrick Brennan

    Dear hate-filled people who posted above, please at least use your real name so we all know who to stay away from. Trials like this one seem to bring out a lot of you people, and I think if you really think this way, you should make sure your friends, family, and coworkers know that you do. Don’t just hide behind anonymous online aliases used to post online garbage along the side of the Internet’s road. Rest in peace, Tyler.

    • Sean Brennan Patrick

      The fact that this disturbed kid jumped off the bridge after being filmed having relations with a man almost twice his age is tragic yes. It seems to me, and everyone else with a brain, that he would have hopped off regardless of his roommate taping him. No buys that fact that he was hiding his identity, some people can, but he wasn’t one of those people.
      His parents and friends failed to support him and he felt he had no where to turn

    • Captain Obvious

      Who exactly is a hater? What about this kid Ravi? I bet you hate him. Anyone with a different point of view is a hater. Typical argument from a Liberal.

    • bob forbes

      Listen,Sean Patrick Brennan why is it if someone disagrees with the gay lifestyle their haters.What do you mean by “you people” ,strait??Get a life.Marry a woman and make your dad proud!!

  • Captain Obvious

    Nothing but a Witch Hunt.

    If Clementi was a Heterosexual, caught in bed with the ugliest girl on campus, then jumped off a bridge, there would be no trial, no news story.

    If he was so insecure about his sexuality, he made no attempt to hide it. Invite a strange looking, older guy, back to a college dorm where he is totally out of place. Then tell his room mate that he needs private time with his new male friend.

    In a college dorm?? Why not go to a hotel, or back to the older guys place?

    To all those that say this is insensitive, give me a break. This is reality. Yes, he was someone’s child. Yes he had family. They probably had more to do with him jumping off a bridge than this guy Ravi. He was a troubled kid, that’s all. He was making no attempt at all to hide his sexuality.

    Ravi is a jerk for setting up his roommate. Not guilty of all those charges.

    • mkjmkjlk

      ummm, no actually he was found guilty, so youre wrong on your last statement

  • John

    There is justic aftert all! Ship the piece of garbage back to India!

  • rocker90

    He needs to appeal. He did not receive a fair trial.

    This is an outrage. He did not force Mr. Clementi to jump.

    Mr. Ravi was trying to protect himself. In college you cannot be forced to have a gay roomate.

    • rocker90

      Thiis is a violation of his civll rights.

    • Jojo

      @rocker 90, Ravi was not charged with murder. Her was charged with invasion of privacy and bias intimidation. This verdict shows that there are consquences to what you do. Maybe these idiots will now think twice. I don’t feel sorry for this POS. He was found guilty appropriately.

      • chelsea c

        Jojo are you a fellow pervert?

        • burstlp1958

          nothing clear chelsea about jojo but it is clear you are a feloow bigot

      • Amtracmarine

        Invasion of privacy yes but bias intimidation,no way

    • NYC


    • Dorothy "Dot' Head

      He did not force Mr. Clementi to jump. Correct. No one was claiming he did. He was not charged with THAT. Maybe you should read the charges and his CONVICTIONS before mouthing off.

      Ravi was a fokking liar. He did not put the cam there to PROECT HIS ELECTRONICS FROM THEFT. He could have taked his silly Ipad with him. He TAMPERED WITH EVIDENCE. He’s LUCKY if he ONLY gets deported.

  • Jail and Deport!!

    Have this piece of garbage do his jail time in Jersey’s worst jail and then deport him for being a Convicted Criminal.

  • KPMc

    So… if the couple whose privacy was violated were heterosexual you would be perfectly fine with that?

    I’d tell you to think before you open your trap but that may be too much to ask of you.

    • lynn taylor

      no it wouldn’t be fine, however, the fact that he’s gay and granted some special protected status get all the prosecutors excited to go after a hate crime…which they initially tried to do. The whole cause and effect argument to this case is based on the fact he was gay. If you’re gay and embarrassed about it whose fault is that? Friggin kid had serious issues to begin with that no one knew about.

      • john

        He may have been more fragile then some, but gay or not this was a very private and personal thing to be broadcast around the globe. Try putting yourself in his position, an intimate moment recorded and displayed for people you see everyday, and then add to it something you felt embarrassed about.
        It is not about him being gay.

  • Amused but not misled

    The victim being gay was a lesser factor.

    The roommate had a screw loose and killed himself. But for his very dramatic suicide this whole thing would be petty BS.

    The press lied about all the supposed internet broadcasts and postings too. There were NONE. Manufactured crap to sell subscriptions.

    • KPMc

      So a closed-circuit casting to others is acceptable in your world? Let me set up a camera in your bedroom and see how you feel about that.

  • nj sports

    mixed news here…other sites are reporting that he was not convicted of bias intimidation..

    • Jojo

      Its complicated. He was found guilty on 15 counts. The 15 counts included sub-counts. If he is found guilty one of the counts and not guilty on sub counts. He is considered guilty on the whole count.

  • Lynne

    This guy needs to grow up and face the punishment for his crimes. He needs to be sent back to where he came from and take his little friend Molly with him – another brainless idiot.

  • CT Native

    Wait until he meets his new roomate, Buba. He’ll learn what being gay really means………….

    • Twang

      duh….how original

    • KPMc

      So you think gay means prison rape?

      I guess you learned a lot from the trial.

  • Peter

    He should have taken a plea !!!

  • Jaf

    Anyone notice that Ravi never combs his hair? At least go out in style, just saying

    • mkjmkjlk

      hes losing his hair. pos deserves it.

  • rabble rouser says

    Back to Bombay for this Perp……………


    Yahoo! is reporting he was found guilty of all counts, including bias intimidation?

  • rabble rouser says

    But they allowed his co defendant Ms Mai to get into the PreTrial Intervention Program,which will result in a dismissal of her charges,because she became a stool pigion…wheres the justice there I ask?

    • Michael H.

      Ms Mai realized she did something wrong and ‘fessed up. Mr Ravi thought he did nothing wrong and held that belief straight through the trial.

      It’s called a plea bargain and is a perfectly acceptable part of our criminal justice system

  • Marc


    • max


    • live&letlive

      & that’s exactly why they would have kicked you out of the jury pool!!!

  • Zelia

    Hie is getting what he deserves. He spied on his roommate and felt entitled to do so. Now he is finding out that his behavior was not acceptable. He could have accepted a plea bargain but chose to roll the dice. And now he will pay the price.

    • Jaf

      Is that a poem? It rhymes, nice touch

  • Noper

    Poor kid,

  • Noper

    This case is to satisfy the gay/agenda.community.

    • Boomer

      You are an insensitive moron. Tyler was someone’s son, brother, cousin… and he is dead because of people like YOU and Ravi

      • Amtracmarine

        Tyler told his mother that he was gay before he left for school and he said that she “Totally Rejected” him . Should she also be included in your little guilt club???

        • Boomer

          Amtracmarine- what are you, a baggage handler on Amtrak?

    • Michael H.

      The “Gay Agenda”:

      1 – Obtain equal rights
      2 – Marry the person they love
      3 – Buy milk

      • littlestar

        The Gay Agenda : 1- Obtain equal rights through a non existant phobia. 2- Marry someone because you are intolerant of the oppisite sex. 3- Buy milk.

        • Amused but not misled


          #2 is Marry someone because they have financial benefits you don’t have.
          #3 is use their money to buy milk

  • MIKE



    • tomlasusa

      Um, even if it could be proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he harbored no gay bias towards Clementi…let’s not forget INVASION OF PRIVACY!!!!

      I’m sure if you found a camera planted somewhere in your bedroom and discovered your neighbor was filming all your activities you’d be screaming for an arrest.

      So no. He does not get to walk scott free.

      The amazing thing is he could have taken the plea deal for counseling and community service … which he refused. Which means he thinks he did nothing wrong.

      And therein resides the problem.

      • Amused but not misled

        Wasn’t a neighbor video taping. Was they person who ALSO LIVED THEREin th room taping. Very different

    • Nick

      You cant be serious? What worse can happen then death beucase of somones sexual orientation? That kid that killed himself did nothing wrong. You are obviously a disturbed person, that is not clearly thinking and once again, is wrong.

      • live&letlive

        Amen, what Nick said!!! The sooner people realize that most gay people are the nicest & most of the ones I know are the most prosperous people who don’t mess with anybody & just want their privacy, the better off this world will be!! They bother noone, yet are screwed with constantly by biased, bigotted, shallow minded, fearful, prejudiced idiots!! I am straight & I’d much rather have my gay friends than the morons chanting all this redneck anti-gay garbage!

        • bob forbes

          if you believe that, I have some swampland for sale in florida

    • Jaf

      He was not on trial for Tyler’s death. Also, on the topic of college students drinking themselves to death, if that’s what they wish to do, let them; they are not hurting anyone except themselves. In Ravi’s case, he invaded another persons privacy, which, IMO, displays poor judgement and total disregard for another persons rights.

      • tomlasusa

        >>et them; they are not hurting anyone except themselves. <<

        Their families might disagree with that one.

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