Marijuana Advocates Hold Rally At City Hall

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Demonstrators rallied at City Hall on Saint Patrick’s Day, using the backdrop of the celebrations to push for marijuana advocacy.

The New York State chapter of NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, organized the third annual demonstration.

“We’re reminding New York City that there is a safer alternative to pools of vomit in the streets,” said Doug Greene, Legislative Director of Empire State NORML.

“There were over 50,000 arrests last year for low-level marijuana possession, which is a waste of scarce city resources,” Greene told WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman.

“I retired as a lieutenant from the NYPD,” Joanne Naughton told Silverman. “What I did decades ago wasn’t any good, didn’t do any good. It was a waste of time.”

Naughton worked undercover in narcotics, and now spends her time advocating for pot legalization.

“This is a free country,” she said.

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  1. Tom says:

    Find out why more and more cops, judges, and prosecutors who have fought on the front lines of the “war on drugs” are standing up and saying we need to legalize and regulate all drugs to help solve our economic, crime, and public health problems:

  2. Commonsensepolice says:

    Here’s what you need to do: Consider the damage that marijuana use causes, then consider the damage that prohibition causes. There is no comparison whatsoever. Marijuana is a harmless plant, EVEN IF YOU SMOKE IT Now prohibition, that’s a different beast. To reference Ogden, 6 people shot (5 cops and the suspect) a cop dead leaving behind a widow and 2 little girls. Did a harmless plant do this or did prohibition do this? This isn’t rocket science here folks. Militarized police in every podunk town in America, assassinating dogs and holding families at gunpoint, eroding all public trust in law enforcement, is this worth wasting billions of dollars on EVERY MONTH? Breaking up families and ruining lives, waging war on American citizens. To paraphrase another, with 75% of the country believing medical marijuana should be legal and 50% believing all marijuana use should be legal, either we’re a nation of avowed law breakers or something is very wrong here.

  3. steve dye says:

    This is a free country, everyone is free to do what the federal government says
    or you will be put in jail for the rest of your lives, fined thousands of dollars and lose your families and jobs and basically be told how to think, feel and breathe all over a plant that that for the most part makes you feel good, quit drinking alcohol and enjoy almost everything from movies to food much more vibrantly,
    Something is terribly wrong here and needs to be fixed! Ron Paul should get a chance to run the country.

  4. Sunil Aggarwal, MD, PhD says:

    I was a speaker at the rally and I would like to invite you to read the text of my speech. It requires you to have a facebook account. I have posted it as a note there, and used tinyurl to shorten the link. Thank you, Sunil Aggarwal, MD,PhD
    Link to speech:

    1. Sunil Aggarwal, MD, PhD says:

      actually no facebook account needed!

  5. NoMari says:

    Marijuana is ADDICTIVE. Marijuana alters the chemical balance of the brain. It is as bad a drug as any other period. I came to learn of the devastating effect of long-term marijuana use from what it did to a good friend of mine. It literally destroyed his life. Long term marijuana use caused him to be suicidal. The illusion that marijuana is “harmless” or that it is “not as harmful as alcohol and cigarettes” is very dangerous illusion. People believe that ramble and abuse marijuana for years, slowly and ignorantly killing themselves.Marijuana must not be legalized or our society will be in bigger trouble than it already is.

    1. Billy says:

      Either your friend was suicidal whether he had weed or not, he is doing something else (no, never right? Not even a tylenol right?) or he’s 1 in a million who actually does have a negative impact from smoking some chemical induced garbage weed. Tell him to get some Hydro. Preferably some Humble.

    2. Billy says:

      Let me guess…You’d rather him take either the red or blue pill.

    3. Mike Parent says:

      NoMari, aka Dwain Esper, (Filmmaker, Reefer Madness). If you, NoMari really believe the nonsense you’ve spewed, you are a gullible lemming, a lock step propagandist or a Troll! People like you are the real danger, Causing mass suffering by propping up laws based on lies, greed and racism.

      Lt Naughton is absolutely correct. Legalize and Regulate.
      LEAP member, NYPD, ret.

  6. bill says:

    i wonder why the USA is called a country of liberty, but there is no liberty at all. #

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