By Kimberly Rae Miller

Admit it, ladies. You’ve watched ‘Sex and the City’ and wondered how a freelance writer like Carrie Bradshaw could afford the enormous apartment with walk-in closets on the Upper East Side.

Hollywood magic, that’s how.

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First of all, the townhouse used as the exterior for Carrie’s apartment shots is actually in the West Village. And now, if you’ve got an extra $10 million in the bank, it could be yours.  According to real estate blog Zillow, the 64 Perry Street townhouse is for sale.

Sotheby’s, the agency showing the house, says the townhouse has only been inhabited by two families  since it was designed by architect Robert Mook and built in 1866.  Your family could be the third to call the 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom, 6-fireplace building home.

The 4,100-square-foot property is said to be,  “Rich in original details, such as herringbone wood floors with exquisite inlaid borders, 6 fireplaces with carved marble mantels, & beautifully proportioned rooms with ornate crown & ceiling moldings, the home is waiting to be restored to its original grandeur.”

Chances are that Carrie was rocking some serious rent-stabilization, because the going price for this property is $9.65 million.

It’s our guess that Manolo Blahniks aren’t included in the listed price.

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