‘Jersey Shore’ To Return To Seaside Heights For Season 6, Complete With Pregnant Snooki

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – MTV’s seemingly unstoppable reality show “Jersey Shore” is returning. Again.

MTV said on their site “Yes, that includes the little one with the bun the oven,” referring to a pregnant Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

“Being a baby mama doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun in the sun!” MTV said on its site.

“While things will definitely be a little different this time when they hit the boardwalk, their trademark hilarity and family dysfunction will remain the same,” MTV quoted a rep as saying.

The continued adventures of the “Jersey Shore” gang will be taped as individual cast members get their own spinoff shows. Snooki and Jennifer “J-Woww” Farley are in the midst of shooting a spinoff in Jersey City after being told “Thanks, but no thanks” by Hoboken and Newark, which denied the pair a film permit. “Pauly D”‘s spinoff is also set to debut this month.

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  1. kenpierce says:

    I casually watched the first couple of seasons but then realized I was interacting and meeting more interesting people each and every day in my real life so why bother lending time to this idiots. The show is supposed to showcase a stupid group of people out to just dance, drink and hookup but that is hardly interesting when the people themselves are not compelling. Situation is a skel, and Snookie idiotic and disgusting. Good for Pauli getting his DJ cred though and its never bad looking at JWow. The rest of the cast are pointless and no longer monopolize my time.

  2. Sebuation! says:

    This is quite interesting! These kids are on a roll. What people believed to be just 5 minutes of fame, has turned into 3 years and a CASH cow! I think The Situation is worth about $15-$20 million, Paully D is making about $40,000 a night as a DJ. This is their American Dream.
    Personally I enjoyed the show the first 2 seasons and by now it’s a repetition of every season and you could tell it’s scripted. People love to watch a good train wreck. I don’t think Italian Americans should be that offended by their actions. There are good, bad, intelligent and ignorant people in all races, religions and genders. If you do not behave this way then it should not bother you.
    There is something on TV for everyone. So if you are in disgust with the show, then don’t watch it! As a matter of fact don’t even comment on it! Believe it or not Yes YOU are playing into it!



  4. rabble rouser says says:

    What’s reaaly sad is….they have all become millionaires,and none has a brain in their head…………………..oh my

  5. rabble rouser says says:

    What a bunch of Pigs and Guido’s, I’m embaressed by the whole show and it’s portrayal of Italian Americans

  6. it's a dago dynasty... says:


  7. Vonnie says:

    I dont know why people hate so much.. Id look like an idiot too just to have the money they have. Its not that serious.

    1. Ant928 says:

      Vonnie – Based on your grammar and spelling…you’re already an idiot!

      1. Att. Hoar says:

        Based on all your “Based on” comments, you’re a D0uche with a bag attached to it. OHH YEA! D0UCHE BAG YEA!

  8. Yousandi says:

    I guess now Snooki will be showing how it is to fight while pregnant.

    1. rabble rouser says says:

      does this mean she has to stop drinking and scewing around?she should weigh over 250 by the time she delivers,the little piglet

  9. John says:

    For F*** sake I’m gonna throw up-go away already

  10. Peter says:

    J-WOW looks delicious !!!!

  11. Phyllis says:

    Why oh why?????

  12. g str says:

    yeah lets do it again
    Its fun to watch 8 idiots make themselves look stupider than they already are
    hell ill even buy them the first drink

  13. Att. Hoar says:


    1. Ant928 says:

      Based on your spelling, all I have to say is….Exhibit A.

      1. Att. Hoar says:

        Based on your comment, you’re just feeding into my name. OHH YEA! EXHIBIT A YEA!

  14. Ant928 says:

    Please God make it stop!!!!

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