NEW YORK (CBS 2) — On a holiday known for fun and revelry Sarah Durante and Stephanie Russo experienced what they called a St Patrick’s Day scare. It happened when they boarded a cab in Midtown and asked for a ride to the Bronx.

The driver said no and ordered the women out of his cab. As Russo got out the driver sped off with Stephanie still in his back seat.

“He took off with the door still open, it was terrifying, I called 911 and said ‘I’m being kidnapped by a driver.’ She said get out, I said I can’t, he’s moving,” said Durante.

The driver finally stopped at 51st and Park, that’s when Durante finally escaped.

Attorney Carol Schlitt has handled a number of cases involving cab violence. She told CBS 2’s Asa Aarons that upset cab drivers are serious business, and that consumers are often struck or injured by angry drivers.

“If you have the slightest hint that he is going to be upset, get out of the cab,” Schlitt said.

Durante and Russo took pictures of their cab that are currently being used by the Taxi and Limousine Commission to track down the driver.

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