Ask Asa: Angry Cab Drivers Can Put Riders At Risk

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — On a holiday known for fun and revelry Sarah Durante and Stephanie Russo experienced what they called a St Patrick’s Day scare. It happened when they boarded a cab in Midtown and asked for a ride to the Bronx.

The driver said no and ordered the women out of his cab. As Russo got out the driver sped off with Stephanie still in his back seat.

“He took off with the door still open, it was terrifying, I called 911 and said ‘I’m being kidnapped by a driver.’ She said get out, I said I can’t, he’s moving,” said Durante.

The driver finally stopped at 51st and Park, that’s when Durante finally escaped.

Attorney Carol Schlitt has handled a number of cases involving cab violence. She told CBS 2’s Asa Aarons that upset cab drivers are serious business, and that consumers are often struck or injured by angry drivers.

“If you have the slightest hint that he is going to be upset, get out of the cab,” Schlitt said.

Durante and Russo took pictures of their cab that are currently being used by the Taxi and Limousine Commission to track down the driver.

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  1. Sarah says:

    This is my story! I’m so grateful for the help Asa offered us! I’m sorry to hear about the other terrible experiences other people have endured – but Brooke – you are right, at least this topic is getting some exposure.
    Knowledge is a very empowering thing – share your story!
    The news story on my experience does not mention that my friend and I each dialed 911 – but no one responded. Two hours later the 911 dispatcher called my friend, Stefanie, back and said “Did you ever find your friend? We were too busy so I didn’t send anyone to help her.” Could you imagine? What kind of world do we live in, where the people you are taught to trust, the people who are paid to help – do nothing?
    Not to mention, my friends and I did nothing wrong. We didn’t drink and drive, we stood up for ourselves when the cab driver illegally refused to take us to our destination, and refused to give us his license information. We made all the right choices that day, and still it got us no where.
    Also worth noting, I lost my wallet in the back of the cab, while I was being whisked away with the door open. If anyone finds it, it would be great if you returned it!
    After all is said and done, my friends and I are safe and sound, and that is all that matters. Asa was amazing, I’m so happy he helped me share my story. Hopefully this will prevent this from happening to other people, and maybe the right person will see this, and harsher laws and punishment will come to cabbies who “use their cars as weapons”.

  2. Rayan says:

    Never force a cabbie to take you if he refuses, rather get his medallion number and file a complain.

  3. Brooke says:

    Two weeks ago I (a 21 year old female) got a yellow cab at around 2:30am in Chinatown. I figured a cab would be safer and faster than the subway since it was supposed to be a quick five minute or so ride. Boy was I wrong. When I first got in the cab the driver was acting very friendly and even asked me what my name was. I thought it was strange but figured he was just being friendly. Shortly after that, however, things got scary. Basically, he would not take me home. I told him my destination and he went the opposite way. I told him I needed to go to downtown so why are we going uptown and he said “i know, i’m not taking you home though”. This went on for a good ten minutes of him not taking me home, the whole time hitting no red lights, as to not even give me a chance of escaping. I was terrified and started threatening to call the police. Eventually he took me home after I had to get very forceful with him. It was incredibly traumatizing and I didn’t know what to do, especially since I was alone. I’m glad you guys did a story about this because it is a serious problem people don’t really think about.

    1. Mr B says:

      Never just threaten to call the police in a situation like that , Make the call to 911 and tell them the situation . Had to be 10 minutes of being very scared and I bet he knew he was scaring you …….Cell phone take pictures ? ….Take pictures of anything with ID # ‘ s inside the cab and the dash board , Even when getting out of the cab #”s on the cab doors, fenders , To many is never a problem just click away ……..License plate picture would be a ” Home Run ” ……..Report him to the taxi and limousine commision and file a complaint with the police as well ……No reason to feel traumatized and do nothing to empower your self . I hope you get over that cab ride memory from hell

    2. Sarah says:

      That’s really awful, far worse than what happened to me. If you have the cab’s number, I really hope you made a report. Keep sharing your story, perhaps it could help prevent this from happening to someone else.

  4. Lou Bracate says:

    Take a bath you freaks from the Middle East

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