By Ann Liguori
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From Bounty-gate to Tim-mania in Jets land, it was a shocking day in the NFL on Wednesday! First the news of the unprecedented sanctions against New Orleans Saints’ Sean Payton, Joe Vitt, Greg Williams and GM Mickey Loomis for their role in gratuitous violence (I’m in favor of the ruling) and then the Jets -Tebow deal, no deal, ‘yes, we have a deal’ scenario. (I’m very happy Tebow is now a Jet!)

Not sure which is more incredible, the fact that coach Sean Payton was suspended for a season without pay OR the fact that Tim Tebow is now part of the Jets organization. As much as I adore Tim Tebow, I feel as if he’s suddenly been fed to the wolves! But he’s a big boy and should be a very positive influence on this team that certainly does not shy away from controversy! Tebow said he accepts the ‘back-up’ role, has already had a good talk with Mark Sanchez, whom he has known for awhile now, and everything is hunky dory as to be expected in Tebow-land.

This move immediately makes the NY Jets the most compelling team in the NFL! Yes, from a merchandising standpoint, it means lots of cash for the team as Tebow jerseys should start selling off the racks. From a personality standpoint, it will be a study in contrasts — the brash, spontaneous coach Rex Ryan making headlines with controversial predictions and statements compared to the polite Tim Tebow, who will always say and do the right thing. He could be just what the doctors ordered for the Jets as perhaps a calming influence in the locker room?

From a playing perspective, the Jets believe in the Wildcat package and say Tebow will get plenty of opportunity to play. Despite what his critics say about his abilities as a passer, Tim is a winner, a leader and will revitalize the Jet’s offense.

What a week for the NFL and for New York!

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