Police Nix Real Life ‘Project X’ In Westchester County

OSSINING, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Police in Westchester County are looking for the organizers of “Project New York,” planned as a massive underage drinking party patterned after the teen party fantasy film “Project X.”

Would-be party-goers were given directions, admission prices, and even offered rides from the train station to an abandoned factory intended for the revelry before police stepped in this past weekend.

“If it’s a big party it’s going to attract teenagers. It’s our thing,” senior Jake Quinn told CBS 2’s Lou Young.

“Oh yeah! I was in there!” said high school senior Jack Rodgers.

The factory sits in an industrial park along the railroad tracks up against the Hudson.

“There’s no lighting. There is no electricity but there’s an open elevator shaft. The stairwells are rusted,” said Det. Dan Farrell of the Ossining Police Department.

To kill “Project New York,” police used the same weapon that created it — social media.

“We have our own PBA Facebook page and a lot of parents subscribe to it and that’s what we used to get the word out,” said Det. Edward Walker.

The project died just hours before it was to launch, but not before some of the party-goers were already in motion.

“We turned away probably close to 100 kids from throughout Westchester, Brooklyn and the Tri-State Area,” said Farrell.

Canceled or not, some teens told CBS 2 the planned concept remains an attractive one.

“To the general public, maybe not, but to a bunch of teenagers in high school, it sounds like a great idea,” Quinn said.

Detectives say they think the party organizers were actually in business, planning to charge admission and sell drinks during the illegal bash.

Police will continue to monitor Internet sites for organizers of the next “Project X.”

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  1. nunya says:

    Thank god we didn’t have the internet when i was young! We wouldn’t of had so much fun! It would of been stopped in it’s tracks, coz you need to be a robot now. The adults will make damn sure of it.

  2. liberty2012ny says:

    CBS news (as well as other news agencies that reported on this item) should get their facts straight too. This is NOT an abandoned or condemned building. Its a privately owned building on private property. All video and photographic imagery obtained by the news was done so by trespassing and breaking into the building. While its great the OPD did their job in preventing this party from even happening, its not an invitation or permission for the world to enter the building without the knowledge (or permission) of the building/property owners. Going back to the point of the article though, parents need to get more involved in what their kids are up to. Check their internet usage, teach them not to be so gullible, teach them right and wrong (underage drugs and drinking at a rave party & trespassing is NOT okay!!!) Bravo to whichever parents caught wind of this and notified the police. Shame on those who have no clue.

  3. Very conservative says:

    Didn’t mention anything about booze being confiscated. Hmm. Probably covering up for that, whether this “Project X took place or not. Guess $100k+ per year (in addition to numerous other perks) isn’t enough to supply the alcohol needs of the”finest”.

    Oink oink.

    1. Datrandomguy says:

      I am pretty sure not all Police Officers get 100k a year. You should get your fact straight before you try to insult them. Let them do their job.

  4. lovedriving2 says:

    RE the raves in England during the 80s,a whole new drug culture was born.
    If it wasn’t illegal,it would not be so attractive,as proven in Portugal.

  5. thor's hammer says:

    congrats to the ossining pd! the organizers need to be tracked down (tho they’ve probably moved on to another city to do their thing). hopefully those young fools who showed up, were taken into protective custody until their parents came to pick them up at the station. not funny kids.- drugs, alcohol, buildings that should have been demolished long ago are not the place to be. your parents don’t want a cop ringing the doorbell at 2 or 3 in the morning asking them to come to the er because you are in a coma. er staff have better things to do than pump your stomachs because of what you’ve ingested. and that’s all before you driving a car. not funny, verrrrrrrrrry expensive. don’t fall for some idiot adult trying to make a fast buck off you thinking you’re “all that.”

    1. Connor Sutherland says:

      John Picone was the organizer

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