NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD will fire one of the officers involved in the Sean Bell shooting, CBS 2 has learned.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has upheld a Departmental trial judge’s ruling to fire Det. Gescard Isnora. He will also lose his pension.

Detectives opened fire on Bell’s car as he and two friends left a Queens strip club in 2006. Five officers fired 50 shots and Bell was killed.

Department officials said Isnora violated NYPD guidelines for both blowing his cover by clipping his shield to his jacket and for firing the first shots inside Bell’s car.

Isnora said he believed Bell’s friend had a gun. He said he came out of his undercover role and fired because he had no other choice. He fired 11 times in all.

Last November, an NYPD official recommended the firing, saying that Isnora acted recklessly in setting off a barrage of bullets at Bell on his wedding day.

Following the recommendation, Rev. Al Sharpton released a statement that read in part:

“For the judge to find Detective Gescard Isnora reckless in triggering what occurred is to remove the attempt by the defenders of the police to put the blame on the victims, as was attempted with malice throughout the criminal trial. Though I feel that the Judge erred with his finding on Officer Michael Carey, I strongly agree that his decision on Isnora vindicates the position of those of us who have worked to vindicate Sean Bell and his family.”

gescard isnora NYPD To Fire Detective In Sean Bell Shooting

Gescard Isnora (credit: handout/NYPD)

Bell’s fiancée, Nicole Paultre Bell,  said the NYPD officers “overreacted.”

“Please, for our family, for the life and the memory of Sean, for Joe and Trent and for New York City, terminate all these men with no pensions. No one should be allowed to retire with their dignity and honor. They didn’t give that dignity and honor to Sean, Joe and Trent that night,” she said, referring to her fiancé and his two friends.

“Now, everyone sees that Det. Isnora — you started this, but it’s not over, it’s not finished. Because at the end of the day, not even the commissioner has the last word — God does,” Paultre Bell said.

The other officer in the Department trial, Carey, was found to have acted properly. He fired three shots.

In 2008, Isnora and two other officers were acquitted of criminal charges at a non-jury trial.

The city has agreed to pay more than $7 million to settle a federal lawsuit filed by Bell’s family and two friends.

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