Sweeny: Yankees Not Angry, Feel Bad For Chamberlain

By Sweeny Murti
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New York (WFAN) – In the aftermath of Joba Chamberlain’s ankle injury, many fans seem to be of the opinion that Joba should not have been anywhere near a trampoline and this is something the Yankees should be angry about.

Brian Cashman made very clear that the Yankees are not angry at Joba at all, that they feel bad for a good man who was hurt while playing with his son:


Joe Girardi agreed, telling us a tale from his playing days about how he went on the DL due to back spasms brought on by throwing his daughter in the air. How do you get mad at that?

Cashman was asked if such an activity is something that could be added to the list of activities prohibited because of their dangerous nature:


It still is not clear exactly what Joba was doing and how it ended in this horrific injury. When he provides those details, maybe it will be easier to understand what went on. This would be different if Joba was at a backyard cookout, got drunk, jumped off a homemade trampoline and did a cannonball into a kiddie pool. So far it seems like a dad horsing around with his son. Can you be mad about that?

Sweeny Murti


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  1. ftw says:

    I agree with Lisa. There’s too much at stake here.

    If I get on a trampoline and break my ankle, I go to the hospital and get a cast and hobble into work on Monday. Or perhaps I can work from home. Or if it’s a debilitating enough injury, I can go on disability for a while. But I am not a professional athlete. If I were, I would use common sense and go nowhere near something like a backyard trampoline and risk a serious career ending injury.

  2. Lisa says:

    Sweeny sez: “So far it seems like a dad horsing around with his son. Can you be mad about that?”

    How about the fact that Joba had to sign a waiver warning of a litany of injuries he could get, including paralysis and death? And what part of jumping on a trampoline when he is recovering from surgery could possibly be a good idea? Whether he was with his son or not is irrelevant — it’s still bad decision-making.

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