Ask Asa: ‘Do Not Track’ List

NEW YORK(CBS2) — By now most of us have marveled at the computers ability to track what we search for online. Text messages seem to appear from nowhere after we download an app and the GPS never fails to point out that donut shop around the corner.

These seemingly telepathic appearances are the result of digital consumer profiling.

Companies spend a small fortune mining data and reselling information about what you like, what you don’t like and what you are likely to buy.

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a report calling for online advertisers to enact a “Do Not Track” system.

CBS 2’s Asa Aarons explains the proposal.

How do you feel about advertisers using online tracking to target ads to customers? Let us know in our comments section below…


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  1. Mike Fedynich says:

    Request assistance from Asa regarding a union, representing Public Utility Employees in NJ
    Refususing to provide representation and RETURNING dues that were provided
    By an employee via certified mail/RRR, returned by the USPS as UNCLAIMED.
    Please assist me. Thank you.
    Mike Fedynich PO Box 343 Hillsdale, NJ 07642
    Cel Ph# (201)446-5468 , Home Ph# (201)664-0369 Thank you Very Much.

  2. Orlando R. Reyes Sr. says:

    Any infringement of Privacy should be blocked by those who seek to violate anyone’s Privacy regardless of position or Institution. As any law or edict should be heralded. Without Privacy there is no freedom. Now and evermore. Stay alert, educate yourself. Live and love within your means!…?

  3. Mike from NoMad says:

    We are vastly becoming as a society a people that will not
    have any privacy or any secrets as more people of each generation
    get used to the lack of privacy,they will no longer know how to ask for it
    or what it was.

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