Park Slope Food Coop Considers Boycott On Israeli Products

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Mayor Michael Bloomberg is taking a clear stand in the proposed boycott of Israeli goods by members of the Park Slope Food Coop.

“Israel is one of the few friends that America has that is dependable and represents everything that America stands for,” Bloomberg said on Monday.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reports

Those in favor of the ban on Israeli products say it’s a protest against what they see as an occupation of Palestinian territories.

“Why any of those has anything to do with selling food, I don’t know,” Bloomberg said. “We should be encouraging Israel to have more business with us and us with them, not discouraging it.”

Members of the Park Slope Food Coop will vote on whether to hold a referendum on the boycott Tuesday at its monthly meeting which will be held at the Brooklyn Technical High School at 7 pm.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reports

If the referendum proposal is shot down, the co-op can continue to sell Israeli food products. However, if approved, the issue would be decided through a mail-order referendum which would be sent out to the group’s 16,000 members.

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  1. This is how negative thinking works. As soon as you choose a side or position (in this case Pro-Israel or Pro-Palestine) in what is really a sub point in a larger conflict (the understanding and actualizing of our higher sense of humanity) you lose the ability to Synthesize opposing polarities into a higher way of thinking and being. This physical life we are given is a transient one, and we have to really step into the reality of our collective mortality in order to understand what is really eternal, which is our spiritual potentiality and love, compassion,charity and goodwill in the truest sense of these words. In 100 years everyone that currently lives on this planet will be dead, bar none. There will however be our sons and daughters and they will have to take over from the point where we leave them, and if our focus is not in line with the development of our highest virtues, then we are lost. peace to you all.

  2. paulette says:

    Yes – let’s spend our money instead in Arab owned businesses here, so they can send the money back to Al-Quida. I am neither Arab nor Jewish, however, my money is on the the jews. As you said, they just stick with people of their own kind. They don’t bother anyone. They are not terrorists. I don’t buy that story about your grandmother, unless it was some fruitcake that did that. All the terrorists that have done all this damage were ALL Arabs, not Jews.

    1. sick of it all says:

      well said paulette…………..

  3. sick of it all says:

    Do these idiots fill their gas tanks with middle eastern oil ,from countries that support and endorse terrorism,you bet they do……….what hypocrites

  4. S. says:

    In the beginning of G-d’s creation of the heavens and the earth [and their contents].

    — Genesis 1:1
    Why does the Torah begin with the creation of the world? (v.1)
    Rashi: Rabbi Yitzchak said: Surely, the Torah should have begun from the words, “This month shall be for you…” (Shemos 12:2), the first commandment which the Jewish people were given. Why does it begin with “In the beginning”?
    The reason is [conveyed by the verse]: “He declared to His people the power of His works in order to give them the inheritance of the nations” (Psalms 111:6). I.e., if the nations of the world will say to the Jewish people, “You are robbers, for you seized the land of the seven nations [who inhabited Cana’an],” they will reply: “The whole earth belongs to G-d. He created it and granted it to whomever was deemed fit in His eyes! It was His will that they should have it, and by His will He took it from them and gave it to us!”According to both Noachide Law and Jewish Law, land acquired as a result of military conquest is not considered to be stolen property (see Shulchan Aruch Admor Hazakein, Orach Chayim 649:10). Therefore, the nations of the world could not possibly accuse the Jewish people of being robbers merely due to the fact that they seized the land of Cana’an.
    Rather, the nations’ complaint is that the Jewish people transformed the land into a permanently and essentially Jewish one, precluding any nation from identifying it as their own at any future time.
    Even if the land will be conquered by another nation, it will remain “the Land of Israel” and Jewish people will still refer to it as their own, perceiving the loss of the land as a temporary exile. For after Jewish conquest and inhabitation, the land became a holy, uniquely Jewish land at its very essence, remaining associated with the Jewish people forever.
    This could cause the non-Jewish nations to complain, “You are robbers!” For by conquering the Land of Israel, the Jewish people “robbed” all the nations of the world from ever identifying themselves with the land again. From that point on, it became the Land of Israel, an identity that it retained even after the Jewish people were exiled from it.
    The Jewish people can thus reply, “The whole earth belongs to G-d. He created it and granted it to whomever was deemed fit in His eyes!” I.e., the permanent acquisition of the Land of Israel by the Jewish people is G-d’s will. From the moment He created the world, He already intended that the Jewish people should inherit the land. The permanent acquisition of the land by the Jewish people is thus not robbery, but Divinely willed.
    However, this begs the question: If G-d intended at the very outset of creation that the Land of Israel should be an exclusively Jewish land, to the extent that no other nation could identify with it, then why did He allow other nations to possess it before the Jewish people?
    To answer this question, Rashi continues, “It was His will that they should have it; and, by His will, He took it from them and gave it to us!” I.e., the very same Divine will caused both events.
    G-d’s intention was that the Jewish people should acquire a non-Jewish land and transform it into a holy land, the Land of Israel. Therefore, He first gave it to the nations, and then He told the Jewish people to conquer it.

  5. sk says:

    the best would be is: just boycott the store then there will be no discussion! just remember when a disater strikes chances are israel will be the ones to help save you (like Haiti, japan, turkey, south sudan) while these arab countries will be throwing a party! be AWARE of who you are supporting!

  6. ronnie from morris park says:

    If you don’t support Israel you hate Jews. If you boycott products from Israel you hate Jews. I find that when people say that Israel is the USs only friend in the Middle East I blame the state of Israel because before 1948 there weren’t these kind of problems. Then when they use the Bible to say that God gave them this land, I know somewhere in the Bible it says that they shall never have a home. I guess that this is a 2000 plus year argument that now has found its way to Park Slope Brooklyn.

    1. sick of it all says:

      Do your homework Ronnie,in 1948 the Palistinians were offered land to establish their own country,but turned it down,because they didn’t like the location…………………… they want to reclaim what was never theirs…..

      1. La' Quisha says:

        Offered land that was not the land they were already living on, you mean?

  7. Ricky Prince says:

    Its sad that this company and its leaders have decided to believe a lie. History has repeatedly shown that there never was, nor never will be a Palestinian Country. Israel belongs to the Jewish people alone. God gave this land to Isaac, the child of promise, not Ishmael, the child that was driven out. Some may try to say that the Bible is an out of date book, others may say they don’t believe, but that does not change the Fact that God’s Word never changes. If you want a blessing- lift up Israel as a friend. If you want your life, company, or land curse, then go the way of the world,go with anti-semitism and hate filling your heart. Then in the Day’s of Judgment when you stand before a Jewish God, try telling Him why you decided to ignor His word.

    1. I don’t agree with this Boycott nor am I Anti-semitic, but to use the Bible as some kind of reference in giving Land to a people is futile. There is no chosen people of God, we are all children of God and we are all chosen to live and grow in his Image. This type of thinking breeds tyranny and violence. The real tragedy is that 99% of the the Jewish and Arab population have more in common than they don’t have, and just want to live simple lives and raise their families in peace. Its the few people who have been corrupted by power and self righteousness on all sides that ruins it for everybody else.

      1. sick of it all says:

        Agreed,……..well said

  8. boycott bob says:

    I am going to start boycotting most food carts in Manhattan.
    I am sick and tired of having our US $$$ money going over seas to fund terrorists and jihadists and used against us.
    And lets all stop buying insence from those “guys” on the street corner.
    Boycott all arab products. Keep the US $$$ here in the USA.

    1. sick of it all says:

      I’m with you Bob,only California pistachios for me

  9. Sean McCarthy says:

    The proposed boycott is asinine as are those that proposed it!

    If it were not for Israel, many of the technologies that we take for granted (e.g. cell phones, laptop computer chips), would not exist as we know it.

    Israel is the only stabilizing force in the Mid-East and the only true friend of the U.S.

    Let the free market decide whether or not Israeli products are worth the price. Most are and some are not, but that should be determined by the buyers on rational grounds, and not by a boycott.

  10. avi says:

    Why not publish the phone number of this jew hating co-op si people can call them and express their feelings?

  11. Patrick Warner says:

    Are they a food-co-op or a political co-op? Let us see their charter Can we see the list of countries from which they buy they products? Are there any repressive countries from which they buy their products? It looks like you guys are “sloping” down the path to idiocy. Maybe their members should go work on a kibbutz in Israel and see how people “co-operate.” Or better yet, let the members visit a people that have not progressed enough to co-operate with others. Sounds like the Park Slope Co-Op is going down a slippery slope and they should not expect the Israeli government to send them emergency disaster business relief experts..

  12. abdul says:

    secondly how are so many pregnant? the men shop around the corner. like arafat

  13. abdul says:

    secondly it’s rather strange so many are pregnant.most of the men like shopping round the corner

  14. Luna Tigue says:

    They should boycott any product made in the USA as we have killed more innocents than Israel.

  15. Barry Manasse says:

    Why is Israel being singled out? Because of their “occupation” of the Palestinian territories. I won’t even discuss the issues of Israeli policies. However, are Chinese products being boycotted because of its Tibet policies. How about Russian products over its policies in Georgia or Chechnya? Only Israel.

  16. THEGADGETMAN says:

    clearly? really? I guess God has a sense of humor after all! choosing a shmuck like you to have the clarity that no one else has had for the last 50 years!!!

  17. Orlando R. Reyes Sr. says:

    It is about the principle of it. No one…and I mean no one would like anybody to just come in and take everything they have built away from them period. It is about time to take a stand against Israel policies here at home. Stay alert, educate yourself. Live and love within your means!…?

    1. Deibon Snook says:

      In 1948, “Palestine” was divided into two countries – Jordan for the Arabs and Israel for the Jews. Jordan IS Palestine. It is about time for the LIES to stop – “Palestinians” are an invented people. Another way of looking at it, is that all Jews are Palestinians as well. Anyone born pre-1948 had “Palestinian” listed on their birth certificate, whether Jew or Arab.

      Yes, why don’t you go and educate yourself Orlando.

      1. THEGADGETMAN says:

        when you give a history lesson, try to “remember” to tell all the facts, not just the ones you choose to tell! why did you leave out the wars that occurred over the last 50 + yrs? could it be because it would counter your explanation? Please, do not try to teach me what you do not know yourself!!!

        1. eli l says:

          May be I can help Orlando. The wars over the past 60+ years have been fefined predominantly by Arab attacks and Israel fighting for survival. Fortunately, the IDF has done a superb job. Why you see the wars as supporting your vantage point is truly warped, as is your entire position.

      2. ejones says:

        The vast majority of “Israelis” trace their ethnicity to Europe, not the Near East. They were largely composed of WWII refugees that the European countries were just as glad to be rid of.
        The Palestinians are the indigenous people who have been systematically disenfranchised and pushed off of their native land by the occupying Israeli forces.

        1. eli l says:

          seems you too have no sense of history. The Jews have been indigenous to Israel from time immemorial. That is a FACT. Do your homework. They were not always the majority, but they alway had a presence.

        2. Patrick says:

          Just like Australia is mainly made up of Irish expelled from Britain. Never hear the Irish crying persecution and bigotry…And I never knew the US imported anything from Israel. What could that possibly be? Camels and cacti????? Regardless,pretty safe to say that Israel “imports” much more from all of us and much of it for free. Doubt they will suffer from it, although still complain as usual. Typical Jews.

  18. THEGADGETMAN says:

    The Park Slope Food Coop needs to learn, first hand, what a boycott really is! every jew and every supporter of Israel must boycott this coop now! do not wait for the results of the vote! The mere fact that they are even thinking of boycotting Israel is enough to call for a boycott of the Park Slope Food Coop – boycott their butts now and let them taste the fruits of their hatred!!!

    1. M. Fox says:

      I hardly think that the Coop is expressing hatred if they are refusing to support Israel. Why should anyone support a country who steals the land from another country? If the shoe was on the other foot, and the Coop chose not to support the Palestinians, would you still say the same thing?

      1. Plutarch says:

        Mr. Fox? Sounds like a Taliban name. Gosh, Americans stole
        land from the native tribes. Guess we can’t buy from Heinz or Kraft.
        And Russians stole land, and Chinese stole land from Tibet and Mongols
        stole land and Muslim marauders stole land and the Boers stole land, right Foxy?
        They’re all thieves, but Israel is special, right? Bet you read Mein Kampf.

    2. lisa says:

      Why is it wrong to boycott. Jews only support other jews, only make donations to jew charities, buy kosher foods etc. What is the big deal if they feel like boycotting a nation that was only created because the British gave it to them. Palestinans are not a made up people. My pregnant grandmother was forced out of her home by GUNPOINT so Jews can take over her home. Bank accounts were seized and money never returned. Go ahead Jews, boycott the Park Slope Food Corp. I will drive all the way to Brooklyn JUST TO BUY goods from them because of their boycott.

      1. abdul says:

        good on you lisa.i’m sure your grandmother was 11 at the time like all the other fictional 12 year old pregnant girls being killed. they are either jordanian or egyptians.

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