Police Name Suspect, Release New Photo In Fatal Subway Fight

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police have identified a suspect in the case of a college student who was killed in the subway after investigators said he fell onto the tracks during an altercation.

Police say cameras outside the Bedford Avenue station in Brooklyn captured video of the man wanted in connection with the deadly subway fight Friday night.  On Monday night, police identified the suspect as 33-year-old Ryan Beauchamp and released a new photo, in addition to a previously released surveillance video.

Hundreds of witnesses were there when police say a verbal argument began onboard the “L” train between 20-year-old Joshua Basin and the suspect.

Police say when the train stopped at the Bedford Avenue station, the fight spilled out onto the platform and both men fell onto the tracks.

Cops say the suspect was able to climb out, but Basin was trapped below and was hit and killed by an oncoming train.

Zena Basin, the victim’s mother, is devastated by the loss of her only child and said her son wasn’t the type who would be involved in such a violent altercation.

“He never fought with his friends,” she said. “He was so easy-going, everybody knew him. He had a million friends.”

Now, police are trying to track down the suspect in this deadly fight while the family and friends of the 20-year-old are pleading for justice.

“I need justice for him,” Zena Basin said. “I need whoever did this to be caught.”

Police have classified Joshua Basin’s death as a homicide.

Beauchamp is identified as a white man with a thin build, dirty blond hair and pock marks on the right side of his face. Police said he was wearing brown pants, a black rain jacket and black sneakers at the time of the incident.

Anyone with information should call police or Crime Stoppers at 800-577-TIPS or visit www.nypdcrimestoppers.com.

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One Comment

  1. B says:

    At least the kid isn’t dirty looking. The other guy looks like his hair hasn’t been washed in a few days.

  2. Patrick says:

    Where is Al Sharpton. What if the victim was a relative of Michael Griffith?

  3. Mikeybklyn says:

    Why is this man being named a suspect? He may have been on the defensive?

    1. Jof westend says:

      he wasnt and the nly reason half of you are saying this is because of how the killed kid was dressed.. i am sure if he had that gay ass skinny jean pink hair and goth look you wouldnt say he provoked.. i met this ryan asshole and he can harass and follow i am a woman and he followed me home once and i am posting and i called the tip line.. he goes to the medicaiod office on 14th st and he is a scammer and a transient bum..he carries a knife too.. i was very scared when he followed me all the way from 14th st to west end inthe 70s stating he needed a roommate i played it off well and went into a doorman building that i did NOT live in to secure myself incase he thought i lived there and tried to stalk me.. he was in need of a rommmate and has at least 7 addresses his last one was in ac nj and then brooklyn.. and even long island..

      1. sunnychapman says:

        This guy is nuts, I met him too, he shoved me because he thought I was standing to close to him when the L train pulled into the Bedford stop and then followed me up the stairs and down the block berating me all the way. I’m a woman too and over 60.

  4. MR 1% says:


  5. Robert Moses says:

    Incidents like this would never happen if there were no subway system. Therefore, ALL public transportation should be BANNED.

    1. I know "Robert Moses" says:

      Troll. I know who you are, Robert… sorry you lost your job.

  6. injun says:

    Give up SMUCK !

  7. CEC says:

    i dont know , her son dress like that with his hat all tilted, he probably wore his pants low like them rappers

  8. R. says:

    This article could use a little more information, especially pertaining to WHY the man who escaped is automatically being treated as the suspect. Just because he’s the one who got out? For all we know (for lack of info provided in this article), the 20-yr old kid could’ve been the one who instigated the whole fight.

  9. danny says:

    Unless I am missing something here, I can only see an aggravated assault. He didn’t even have a weapon. He didn’t push the kid. They both fell. I am 100% sure that if it were the kid that was able to pull himself up, he would not have helped the other guy either.

    1. badman says:

      felony assault. if anyone dies as a result of any felony that you commit, you are responsible for the death.

      1. biggerman says:

        Hey badman, your right, but wheres the felony? They fought, they both fell onto the tracks, and unfortunately only one got out. There was no robbery, assault 2, 3, burglary ect. also, a fight between two men does not constitute a felony. It all depends on the injury.

        1. biggerman says:

          I meant assault 1 or 2 for any nitpickers.

          1. biggerman says:

            Seems like the MIA guy didnt plan on the kid getting hit by the train. They say very clearly that both men FELL onto the tracks. Not premeditated, not intentional. The tragic death appears to be accidental. Had the police gotten there before the tragedy, they both could have gotten summonsed for disorderly conduct.

  10. newyorker says:

    my son was waiting on the crowded platform when this all happened. he reports that he saw commotion at the other end of the platform and in a matter of about 3 seconds some women started to scream as the manhattan bound train came in, sending everyone there into a panic and rushing up the stairs and out onto the street.

    he didn’t know what really happened until later, thinking at first someone had a gun or a bomb. he recalls being terrified by the crowd’s panic and how swiftly it came about. one minute everything’s fine and the next, utter fear. he had to walk over the williamsburg bridge since the l train was shut down and had to get a stiff drink to summon the courage to get on the subway home.

    those here who think somebody should have broken up the fight should know it only lasted a few seconds before the boy was crushed. there was no time.

  11. TELLIN IT LIKE IT IS says:


  12. Very conservative says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  13. Barack O says:

    typical new york commuters…no one has the spine enough to stand up for someone as they are being murdered. Maybe some of the useless do-nothings from the million hoodie march should put their money where their mouth is. Once they finish stuffing their mouths with chips and soda

    1. R. says:

      Your ridiculous comment tells me you have a lack of depth and you jump to absurd conclusions at the drop of a dime. You are a very shallow person.

  14. brooklyn4ever says:

    What kind of an animal can just walk away from something like this? As the mother of one child, a 20 year old son, I can’t fathom what this mother is going through nor how have you been able to go to sleep and get up each morning with your self knowing that you were the cause of someone’s death since the incident took place. May God have mercy on your sorry soul. You can’t hide forever, and you will be caught and brought to justice. May this boy’s family find strength.

  15. May says:

    What would his charge be? Fighting in public? Was he supposed to get hit by the train trying to pull the other guy up? I don’t know all the details of the fight but it sounds like both are culpable for the outcome…not just the one that happened to survive.

    1. Reader says:

      Do a little research. This is from a more thorough article:

      The tragic irony unfolded Friday night as Basin was riding out of the city with two friends on an eastbound L train when a drunken man began berating several riders in the car, cop sources said.

      “For some reason, he singles (Basin) out,” a police source said. “(The suspect) began arguing with him.”

      The train pulled into the Bedford Ave. station in Williamsburg and the dispute spilled onto the platform about 10 p.m., cops said.

      Suddenly, the man attacked Basin and the pair tumbled to the tracks on the other side of the platform — just as a Manhattan-bound train was rolling into the station.

      Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/college-student-killed-train-fight-drunk-man-spilled-tracks-article-1.1050252#ixzz1qE5O6Ony

      1. joey fom B'hurst says:

        He really looks like he is drunk walking away like that. He even was able to pull himself up from the track level to the platform? Who was drunk here? Use yourhead, it is more than a placeholder to keep your hat.

      2. May says:

        Thanks Reader. Having read the article only makes me ask the same questions and have the same thoughts. Nothing new…

  16. Tonto Rogers says:

    Wow thats so sad man, I hope this loser is found and dealt with accordingly.

  17. Nyc says:

    Of course her son was an angel.

    1. Dr meh says:

      Yep, he was. She lost her only child to some drunk that attacked him. anything else to say?

      1. R. says:

        Yea I have something to say. How do you know he was an angel? Because she said so?

        1. JACK says:

          Looked like a gangsta with his hat to the side like that. Wazzup Playa

          1. alfred fun gus says:

            just goes to show you. don’t take all kinds of dumb pix of yourself with your hat all crooked, bc if you die then that’s how you’ll look on the news. and hide all your p0rno bc they’ll find that too.

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