Tony’s Table: Chicken With Prosciutto And Mozzarella

NEW YORK(CBS2) — CBS 2’s Tony Tantillo is back in the kitchen. In this edition of Tony’s Table he’s cooking up some chicken with prosciutto and mozzarella cheese. It’s the perfect Italian comfort food.

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  • Tricia

    Still waiting for the recipe. What is the problem?

  • Robert H. Collucci

    STILL WAITING FOR THE RECIPE FOR “Chicken With Prosciutto And Mozzarella”

  • Carol Krogstad

    are you hiding the recipe?

  • Tricia

    where is the recipe for the chicken with prosciutto and mozzarella?

    Would love to have it.

  • JOHN V

    I’m with the other comments, where’ the recipe/

  • Barbara

    Where is the recipe?

  • Robert H. Collucci

    Chicken With Prosciutto And Mozzarella

    Tony does not give the recipes for any of his dishes, why?

    I would like to have the recipe for all of his dishes

    Thank You

  • patrick

    no peas tony? come on man… :)

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