Emotional Christie Brinkley Breaks Down About Divorce During Television Interview

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Christie Brinkley was supposed to talk about her return to Broadway in “Chicago” on NBC’s “Today” show this morning, but she ended up shedding tears, talking only about her divorce from Peter Cook.

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The couple split four years ago when the divorce became final. Cook has gone public recently to talk about the marriage. He called Brinkley a “narcissistic egomaniac.”

During the interview with Matt Lauer, Brinkley teared up, saying she just wants peace, adding that every time she has any joy or any kind of success in anything, Cook has to try to destroy it.

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Brinkley says she hasn’t had any contact with Cook for two years, but he tries to contact her. She asked a judge late last year to make Cook stop, to protect her peace. Brinkley is also asking for additional child support.

Last summer, the  New York Post reported that Brinkley was having dinner with her daughter Alexa Ray Joel at a Sag Harbor restaurant where she had an awkward, unexpected run-in with Cook.

In 2010, the supermodel put one of her Long Island properties up for sale.

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One Comment

  1. carolyn says:

    Are you kidding me??? She is a ‘has-been’ who can’t/won/t let go. Someone with her looks and money should go quietly into that good night. Sure Peter Cook is a schmuck, and good riddance. Move on, Christie. You have more exes than most. Is it that you have lousy taste?…or are you an attention whore? My advice to all the men who think they might like to be with Ms. Brinkley or someone like her: Run like hell in the opposite direction!! Incidentally, I am a 63-year old woman, and women like her will be around forever. Sometimes men fool around for a reason.

  2. can never get away says:

    No one knows anything about what it is like to survive a long period of time exsiting with a narcissist. Yes, Ms Brinkley may be wealthy, but even money cannot end the pain that is given to her. I am a women who has children with a narcissit and I have no fame and am living pay check to pay check. The sad part is that there is really nothing you can do. Even the law has its hands tied. You can never get away from them. They are always right and they are the greatest in their eyes. For those of you who believe they know what a narcissitt is, please research it more and then spend about an hour with them. You will walk away with a different view. Your rude comments hurt. And remember the kids they too are affected and it is hard to keep them safe. The laws cant help them either

  3. eaglecrz says:

    Christie should have taken Jennifer Lopez’s lead and halted talks about the divorce. She was there to discuss her Broadway show, and Matt seemed to take the interview to a personal level. Was he having flashbacks? Time to move on . I stopped watching when Matt announced Christie’s Ex would comment on her emotional interview today.

  4. Roy Vegas says:

    Christie must have enough money to not need the $600 a month which she said it was on tv. If she really wants to not have anything to do with this man, it might be easier for her to not expend energy pursuing any delinquent payments. I realize that there is principle involved as well, and that not everyone could afford to essentially waive the payments. But if she is really this distressed with dealing with him, then for her own well being she might want to for get it.

  5. NYCsewer says:


  6. ed says:

    in the 1980’s she paid he first husband to disappear from her life……

  7. KPMc says:

    Married and divorced four times… maybe it’s not always the guys fault…

  8. Mrs Golf says:

    Trust me……she is doing the right thing!! I too and in the process of divorcing a narcissist….funny thing is that my soon to be ex is a figure in the golf industry and knows Matt Lauer…..funny a guy with his lack of morals should berate her!!!!
    At any rate….she is doing the right thing! these men are poison…her only fault is that she is easy prey for these types of men. Her responses lets me know that she has done her homework….sadly most men are not like her ex. my ex or the Matt Lauer types but give her some relief! they are relentless and have most of the world fooled!!!

    1. NYCsewer says:


    2. Rob says:

      She is the narcissist!

  9. Cin Hux says:

    I wouldn’t take any money from him. Just cut him off and move on.

  10. susan says:

    the only way she can have total peace is to get a restrining order permanently in place with regard to any and all contact with her..of course then there would be the problem of joint custody oof their children..she can file a civil lawsuit against him for making false and nasty statements about her, but then there are the children again..divorce is never pretty and in her case,it a continuing nigjhtmare..she is not poor or broke, so maybe she should file with thecourts to discontinuechild support or whatever and be done with him!

  11. lieutenantdan says:

    How about letting her ex see the children more and wave any support payments.
    She wants peace alright a piece of his money.

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