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Suspect In Deadly Brooklyn Subway Fight In Police Custody

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A suspect is now in police custody in connection with a deadly subway fight last Friday, the NYPD confirmed Tuesday evening.

The altercation involving 20-year-old Joshua Basin, of Howard Beach, Queens and another man, who authorities believe is 33-year-old Ryan Beauchamp, began when a verbal argument began on board an L train around 8 p.m., police said.

When the train stopped at the Bedford Avenue station in Brooklyn, the fight spilled out onto the platform and both men fell onto the tracks, according to police.

Basin was struck and killed by an oncoming train, while the other man was able to escape.

Beauchamp turned himself in at the 94th Precinct station house in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, on Tuesday, CBS 2’s John Slattery reported.

Police have classified Basin’s death as a homicide.

“I need justice for him — I need whoever did this to be caught. I really do,” Zena Basin, the victim’s mother, said on Saturday.

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  • rp

    Joshua Basin aka Outerboros Mook came after Ryan Beauchamp and ultimately initiated the fight that got himself killed
    numb nuts thug

  • stan chaz

    What I want to know is if the new computerized “robo-train” system on the L train (see earlier news articles) contributed to this death. Robo-train is supposed to “control” stopping’/starting etc. by computer, INSTEAD of the motorman. I was on the train on the OPPOSITE side and I do NOT remember that the train that hit the man slowed down or screeched to a halt- even thought this happened at the FRONT of the station and there was a clear line of sight as the train pulled in. I would like MTA employees to speak up on this. Are “robo-trains” putting straphangers in danger?

  • cackerly

    i grew up with ryan and was very close to him up until about two years ago. he had developed serious mental illness and became distant to all who were close to him. its a tragic story for the boy who died and for ryan. for those out there saying fry him, well ur ignorant and stupid. i pray to the lord that somehow we can grow from this tragedy

    • Charron

      ignore. miswrote email as that is very old one. Gotta find new one.

    • Charron

      Cameron – send a note to Doyle at

      • Charron

        ignore. miswrote email address as that is very old one.

  • Batman

    It’s the joker! WHY SO SERIOUS????

  • Jay

    this was an accident. Yaboo is right. It was a terrible, tragic accident. It is endemic of our society. Shame on us!

    • DanTe

      Go read a real news service. This drunk went and accosted the victim and his friends. Than assaulted him when the train stopped. All because its a drunken sh/t. It’s murder. Fry the s1ime before it spawns and further infest the gene pool.

      • DanTe


        • DanTe

          Ahh… the pathetic turd that needs to imitate others’ names to be heard. Have your uncles stopped plowing you yet?

      • DanTe

        Josh wanted to s u c k Ryan. That’s why Ryan pushed him onto the tracks. We all know that. S u e me if it ain’t true. Just call C B S for my I P address to s u e.

        • MAP

          Please let me know what you are talking about. What is that supposed to mean?

        • Sick of CBS

          You’re the one who works for CBS, aren’t you? They should sue you and CBS.

    • DanTe

      Go read a real news service. This drunk went and accosted the victim and his friends. Than assaulted him when the train stopped. All because its a drunken sh/t. It’s murder. Fry the slime before it spawns and further infest the gene pool.

      • joey fom B'hurst

        Was he that drunk that he could lift himself up from the tracks and flee. Why did Joshua get off at Bedford Ave; should he not have got off at Broadway Junction?

  • Mekhi Marquez

    People have to stop jumping to conclusion as soon as the media reprts a story. Anytime someone is murder, the family is quick to portray the dead family member as a contributing member of society. The person could have been the worst human being on the face of the earth, yet the family tends to forget that, when they are in front of the cameras. The person could have been the instigator, yet the family blames the other person. I bet that if this case involved a black guy and a white guy, people would have been crying racism, which they are quick to do. There are three stories to this incident, and one will not be heard.

  • Yaboo

    Not homicide just just because someone cries for justice. Don’t always need to blame someone every time someone dies. People S**k

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