Connecticut To Study Congestion Pricing On I-95

HARTFORD, CT (CBSNewYork) – Connecticut has in hand $1.4 million in federal money and it will use that to test out so-called congestion pricing on I-95 between Greenwich and New Haven.

WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau On The Story

That is usually the most congested section of that highway in the state.

“In other words there would be a dedicated travel lane that cars and trucks with a transponder, sort of like E-ZPass, would be able to use to go around clogged up traffic,” said DOT spokesman Judd Everhart.

He says it’s hoped that some motorists would opt for mass transit rather than pay the price of a congestion-free commute in their cars.

But, if Connecticut proceeds with the plan, Everhart says it will likely be several years before it’s in place.

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  1. Rugbyball says:

    If you are going to visit some friends on the weekend in CT and you live in say Brooklyn or Queens, and you think Mass Transit is the best way to get there for time traveled and money spent, well if it’s just you going maybe money spent but not time traveled.
    First you have to get to Penn Station, and on the weekend if your subway line is running at all it is running at reduced service, so you’re looking at 1+ hour to get to Penn St, then there is the Metro North CT branch, they too are running on Weekend schedule and have limited trains, so say you luck out and get a train 45 min after the 1+ hour subway ride, now you get to CT, you’re at the station, you have to call a car service or annoy your guests to come pick you up, or god forbid take CT Public Bus Transit, good luck on that one, Now I hope you left early on that weekend day to get there, because you are going to have to head home early due to limited weekend Rail Road service, now let’s say you do all this and you have a 2-3 y/o child or maybe more than 1 child. This would be INSANE. The I-95 traffic would be a welcome inconvenience than having a screaming 2 y/o tired on a cold platform waiting for the Railroad &/or Subway.

    Mass transit works for workers commute, it does NOT fix all travel situations, and sometimes you just HAVE to drive.

    1. VY says:

      It’s obvious that you don ‘t ride Metro north’s CT lines on the weekend. 1) the subway does publish what track work is effecting what lines, so you can plan around schedule or service changes. 2) even the slowest line runs every 15 minutes between 6am and midnight on weekends, so you can plan to be at Grand Central (not Penn Station) a reasonable amount of time before your train. 3) kids under 5 ride free, kids between 5 and 11 ride for $0.50 cents. 4) if you put a kid on the seat near the window they will love looking out the entire way to CT., or they will be lulled asleep by the train’s rocking movement, just like kids fall asleep in a car. 5) If you are visiting friends or relatives they know what time the train should be at the station in CT, so they can meet you there, which is what most people do. 6) a congestion pricing of tolls on I-95 would mainly durring weekday rushhours, not weekends, except maybe summer weekends going south in the late afternoon / evening. If you don’t beleave me, ask Metro North how many passengers they carry on the weekends, or heaven forbid try riding the trains yourself on the weekend, instead of yapping about something you know nothing about.

  2. Junior says:

    Another witch hunt and waste of $1.4 million dollars.

  3. the $hit state says:

    naother way to take a buck out of the working persons wallet. i live in Nj and really really hate CT.

    1. Junior says:

      Ct. has no tolls. NJ does, so why hate Ct?

  4. VY says:

    Paying for the building of a “super express” lane for traffic not getting off I-95 between Greenwich and I-91 in New Haven and charging cars and trucks that use that express lane during ruch hoursmaeks no sense. Put electronic readers on all lanes at the NY border, at all entrances and exits between NY and I-91 and all lanes just west of the I-91 connection in New Haven. This way traffic tavelling locally in rush hour would pay a lower rate and traffic passing through during rush hour would pay a slightly hire rate. These toll readers should be high speed readers so traffic does not have to stop or slow down.

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