While talking about ‘peaking early’ in relation to David Wright’s on-field performance this spring, Boomer asked Craig if he has ever had a problem ‘peaking early’.

Apparently Craig didn’t care much for Boomer’s inquiry, because after that he revealed to the world that after snooping around the Boom’s office this morning claiming he was searching for a teabag, Craigie took notice of an email which was left open.  Craig of course read said email and then revealed to the world that the Blonde Bomber has joined ‘American Idol Nation’.

Boomer you see, was so moved by Elise Testone’s rendition of his favorite group (or so we thought) Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ that he decided to join the ‘movement’.  Craig then revealed that off-air Boomer went as far as to say that the talented Elise actually sounded better than Zeppelin – calling his ‘favorite band’s’ performance a little flat…

LISTEN: Boomer’s Got A ‘Whole Lotta Explaining’ To Do (03/30)

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