Craig began today’s Show by briefly addressing reports that Bernard King will once again be passed over for the Hall of Fame – an absolute joke by the way – before moving on to some comments made by a  former Jets captain in regard to the Mark Sanchez-Tim Tebow situation.

The former ‘captain’ I speak of is of course, the loose-lipped Santonio Holmes, who apparently will have no problem hitching his trailer to Tebow, if Sanchez is to struggle.  As far as sports talk radio goes, the Jets circus is the gift that keeps on giving and Craig believes they have no one to blame but themselves.

Boomer called this an obvious slight to Mark Sanchez, then pointed out that this is just another example of the modern day athlete feeling empowered to speak one’s mind, regardless of the collateral damage.  Feeding into Craig’s point about Woody & the gang bringing this all on themselves, Boomer says Rex Ryan not only allows, but encourages his players to speak their respective minds.

Moving right along, Craig informed Boomer that he would like to ‘chew-up’ a couple of baseball stories and then ‘spit them’ into his Radio Partner’s mouth.  Boomer didn’t care much for the metaphor, but nonetheless the conversation shifted to baseball, beginning with the Yankees starting rotation and whether or not Michael Pineda will be part of it.

We also hear that the Mets toyed with the idea of releasing Mike Pelfrey before Opening Day, which will not likely sit well with the orally fixated right-hander.

What was the underlying theme on the Friday edition of the Morning Extravaganza???  ‘Gettin’ Goosed’ – which is what the guys believe is happening to King, Sanchez, Michael Pineda and of course ‘Big Pelf’…

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