Hank Haney, Author Of Tiger Book, Hangs Up During Heated Interview With Boomer & Carton

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Who says golf is boring?

Hank Haney’s controversial book about Tiger Woods, his most famous pupil, has been a hot subject of debate. And when he joined WFAN’s Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton on Friday, well, let’s just say things got heated.

You have to listen for yourself:

Full Boomer & Carton interview with Hank Haney

In “The Big Miss,” Haney delves into his six years as Woods’ swing coach. But the book goes beyond the golf course, including passages about the superstar’s relationship with ex-wife Elin Nordegren and his fascination with the Navy SEALS.

Haney resigned in 2010. The decision came shortly after Woods, fresh off his much-publicized sex scandal, returned to the PGA Tour.

“I viewed it as my memories too,” Haney told Boomer & Carton. “These weren’t just his memories, he didn’t have an exclusive on those memories. I wanted to share my observations, my thoughts about his greatness, the complexities that make him up as a golfer, as a person. If I had all positive things in the book, it wouldn’t have been an honest book.”

The timing couldn’t be worse for Woods. Haney’s book was released Tuesday as the former No. 1 golfer in the world prepares for next week’s Masters tournament.

Carton seethed toward the end of the interview, “I think you’re a horrible human being.”

“You don’t know me!” Haney replied.

“I know enough. And here’s what I know about you,” said Carton. “Without him you don’t have a TV show. Without him, outside of die-hard golf fans, no one knows who you are.”

Haney exited around 21 minutes into the exchange. An audible “click” was heard while Carton went on:

“Here’s the reality of Hank Haney: Hank Haney’s gonna get to know you. Like a snake in the grass, if he can make money off you one day in the future, he’s gonna do it. And I can’t stand guys like you!

“It’s hard enough for a guy like Tiger Woods — I have to imagine — to let someone come into his world and to have complete, utter trust in that man, which you have to do to become better and use a coach. And then for that guy to turn around and tell the most, you know, family secrets that have nothing to do with golf, and put that crap off as a golf book, is obnoxious!”

Did Haney’s book go too far? Be heard in the comments below…


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  1. Slicer says:

    Shame on both of you. Your both clowns.

  2. lawmsh says:

    Boomer, I don’t understand why you hooked your career to this guy. I don’t think that you really believe he is funny. You play along because its all part of the shtick, right? But if you just play along and don’t say anything then, you too, are treating people the same way he does.

  3. Richard Backwell says:

    Carton – you are a professional?
    Give me a break; you are aggressive, one sided, emotive. Are you looking for ratings increases?
    I can’t believe your commentary.
    Shame on you
    And Esiason? Just a dummy in the background.
    Your interview with Haney makes his book childs play in comparison to your unprofessional rant.
    I don’t expect to follow your show for unbaised commentary

  4. Sam says:

    Looked up Boomer & Carton in the dictionary and found this: (n) No talent ass-clowns. Kudos to Haney for handling an ugly situation with class. I mean, you’re going to slam a guy for calling a legendary jerk (Woods)…a jerk? I mean, compared to hookers and porn stars, Haney’s book is pretty tame. And then the real agenda is exposed at the end when Carton starts fawning over his favorite golfer, TW. He’s just another TW apologist. I hope Haney laughs all the way to the bank.

  5. Sam says:

    Never heard of Carton before now, but he looks – and sounds – like an obnoxious frat boy. Haney gave this no-talent hack too much time, should have hung up much earlier. Or not interviewed with a loudmouthed shock jock. I’d hate to be Haney’s agent right now. Low class, guys.

  6. Paul says:

    Carlton has to be one of the biggest moron in sports radio. Why does he try and be the Howard Stern of sports radio. Haney wrote a book about someone who everyone thought was perfect, but in the end is one of the most unliked golfers among his pears. Come on Carlton give it up, your a wanna be jock who is all talk. And Boomer your no better. Keep talking trash about what players do off the field on the lowest rated pre game show on T.V.

  7. Steve says:

    Betrayal by Haney??? You must be kidding me!!! woods is the biggest betrayal on the PLANET!!! I looked up BETRAYAL in the dictionary and it had a picture of tiger woods!!! Let’s ask Elin who she thinks ranks #1 in betrayal.

  8. Nick says:

    Carton was beyond out of line with this interview if you could even call it that. You should be embarrassed of the way you conducted yourself!!!

  9. ben bona says:

    Talk about being a snake. Like Haney, that interview was a disgusting display of brazen stupidity. I am done with listening ever again.

  10. Lenny Swider says:

    Carton, you were way out of line. You are using the show as a platform to express your own personal feelings or to just be an A-HOLE. I switched to ESPN because I’m tired of listening to your whining. Boomer,,,,,, I’m disappointed in you too. WFAN, you lost a 15 year listener. I hope the rest of you follow me. I’m not a COWARD to sign my name Lenny Swider.

  11. dan says:

    how embarressing was this interview, if it could even be called that. I don’t think I will listen to that numbskull again….nothing like an early morning lynching. If Cartoon is going to ask anyone anything anymore, I may never know……nice soap box dude

  12. Scott says:

    FAN desperately needs a radical overhaul from top to bottom with its regular weekday lineup. It’s just completely unlistenable between Craig “Creep” Carton, Evan “Screech” Roberts, and the unbearable Fraudcesa/Fran-say-so in the afternoon.

  13. Joe says:

    I can’t believe I even listened to this. This wasn’t an interview…it was a cross examination with Carlton being the prosecutor. I would have hung up too.

  14. der says:

    As a regular listener to the show, I agree with Carton’s position about the man, but that is no way to conduct an interview. He was obnoxious and unprofessional, and like someone above said, I lost some respect for Boomer for just sitting there like an idiot and saying nothing.

    As Chris Russo would say “That’s a bad job right there.”


    1. flea says:

      Ask Mike Milbury about “a bad job right there”.

  15. Joel says:

    Look you make millions off a guy and you turn around and stab him in the back and profit off of his private life….yea I feel no remorse for Haney

    1. Charles says:

      What I find generally amusing here is the assumption that Tiger Woods is this incredibly loyal human being. This guy cheated on his model wife with dozens of other women. Tiger Woods is a great golfer, but he’s also a complete egomaniac who has a terrible temper. Do you really think that this guy always treated his employees with respect and dignity?

      Let’s not forget who’s to blame for Tiger Woods’ problems. It’s Tiger, himself.

      1. flea says:

        That may be true. But it’s apples and oranges. That has nothing to do with this leach writing a tell all book.

  16. Romel says:

    “Dinner Table” argument is a total violation of privacy. Way to stand up against the masses, Carton

  17. Posty says:

    I listen everyday and that interview was bush league. Carton should have been up front and said he had this chip on his shoulder for Haney. I’m usually a big fan of the show, but that wasn’t right. Haney is wrong and everything, but no way to conduct an interview. It could have been a real good interview too. Bad Job.

  18. Pusser says:

    Hope Carton apologizes tomorrow. Low class treatment of a respected guest.

  19. Howard Schwenzer says:

    I cna not wiat to read the book in fact I will send several copies to these idiots on the morning show. Craig what a looser low life ass!!! by the way to both yof you on the morning show I HAVE HANKS BACK

  20. JC says:

    WTF is Craig Carton, and more importantly, who gives a s#!t? The guy is bush league at best, and from this one interview I’ve heard, he’s not even that. Thank god for satellite radio, so I don’t have to put up with this no-talent hack!

    1. pkpittny says:

      youre an idiot boomer and carton have one of the most listened shows in NY.

      1. Mike says:

        Not for long after that interview…

    2. Golf Lover says:

      I never heard of him before, but Carton is my new hero. Haney needed to be called on the carpet for taking golf into the realm of the tabloids. Haney is a sycophant. Carton may be rough around the edges, but his message is right on. Haney hurt himself, professional golf, and the Golf Channel.

  21. VetoGator says:

    The real coward is someone who ambushes a no name golf coach. He would never do anything like that to Torre or Jackson. No professionalism and WFAN’s credibility really suffers. Who would want to agree to be interviewed on that show again other than some of the many pals he spnds endless airtime chatting about…

  22. Mike says:

    Carton is idiot. He will get his. That wasn’t an interview, that was showmanship by a loud mouthed idiot. Siging off from the show for good now. Boomer,, dont lower yourself anymore, move on

    1. john says:

      franseca tell us how you really feel

  23. Mike Francesa says:

    I’m going to have Carton fired tomorrow. Hey Carton, ,I am a horrible person if I take your wife to the candy shop and show her what I got? Just like you do at the strip clubs you poser. Its me or him, I am no longer going to have a lowlife on the station that I built. He’s ruining the integrity of the station. I’d rather go work for ESPN if he is going to remain employed here.

  24. Martin says:

    This is the part of the interview where Haney hangs up on Carton:

  25. Greg says:

    I’m not a huge Carton fan, but he was absolutely right in everything he said. I’m not so sure I would have gone about it the way he did but he was spot on. This is who Carton is, he doesn’t care what people think of him and that why people listen.

  26. Mike D says:

    It’s unbelievable that wfan continues to employ this low life Carton.

  27. Peter Melendez says:


  28. Kenny says:

    Fame is found in many ways. Many seek it through the feats & accomplishment of others, some seek it through personal attachment, and others attain it on their own.
    Fame can be achieved by spectacular performances, unexpected happenings,
    or being at the right place at the right time.
    Craig has access to the rich & famous, as well as Boomer, It looks good when
    its used to promote the positive, and shameful when used inappropriately.
    Craig or Haney conducted themselves as they saw fit. It’s not really important who is right or wrong. Our know morality matter more.
    Remember, the same letters that spell LISTEN, spell SILENT
    Sometimes silence speaks louder.

    1. Charles says:

      “Fame is found in many ways.”

      This is true. Unfortunately, when many of us tune-in to a radio show, we expect to hear something resembling viable journalism. Craig Carton has found fame by being an obnoxious lout. Craig Carton, to me, represents everything that is wrong with U.S. journalism, and much of what is wrong with American society.

      Rather than being fired for being incompetent and obnoxious, Carton is rewarded for his unprofessional behavior. There are guys who do great reporting on this station, like Sweeny Murti. There are sensible, considerate hosts like Richard Neer.

      Do they get any attention? Of course not. The only way to get ahead in journalism today is via controversy and ambush-style interviews. Craig Carton again made a mockery of journalism, and rather than being reprimanded or removed from the air, Carton will be rewarded.

      1. Steve from LI says:

        I agree wholeheartedly. Somehow rational talk radio isn’t good enough for the ratings. Whether is’t politics or sports, moderation in opinions doesn’t sell. Extremism is the rule of the radio. Carton (on air persona) is ok at his best; unbearably stupid, ignorant and grating at his worst.

    2. Kenny says:

      Kenny makes a lot of sense when he says, “our own morality matters more.”

  29. Mark says:

    I listen to the show almost every day. Carton handled himself with a total lack of professionalism. If he had that much dislike for the individual and the book, don’t have him on the show to promote it. Clearly his intent in having him on the show was to breate him for 20-minutes. He cut him off when he tried to speak, called him a coward if he opted to hang-up and used his position behind the microphone in an abusive manner. It wasn’t an interview it was an ambush.

    He also made Boomer look terrible. It’s clear who wears the pants in that radio relationship.

    At one pt during Carton’s rant Boomer actually steps in to help define for Haney the difference between Carton calling him a “coward” and saying he’d be a “coward” if he hung up. Just like a sidekick to a radio show would do.

    Really left me with a bad taste in my mouth and i could care less about Tiger Woods or his swing coach. Clearly that’s not the case with Carton.

    1. Mike says:

      100% agree with “Mark”. He shouldn’t have had the guy on the show if berating the guy was the plan all along. I thought Haney actually showed a tremendous amount of restraint before eventually hanging up.

    2. Al M says:

      Wanted to type my own comments. I heard it, too, and you said it perfectly. Thanks for saving me 5 minutes.

  30. DD says:

    Carton is a nut case but Haney deserved every ounce of the abuse. Its about ratings not about Carton – ohh he is very mean person… He did the guy a favor. Now people will buy the book. Look at how popular H Stern is…

  31. Jim CAT says:

    Today was the last day I will tune in to Boomer and Carton until I hear an apology from the show regarding the ambush of Haney. Carton needs to grow up or take his act to a comedy club.

    1. mary fleming says:

      dead on-he is the worst!

  32. Carton is an idiot says:

    Craig may or may not have been right in his thoughts (I’m still undecided if Haney was wrong or not), but it was the way he expressed his thoughts that I take issue with. No matter your personal feelings, you don’t call someone you are interviewing a “horrible person.” That may be his feelings, but it is just unprofessional to express it to someone that you invite onto your show. Moreover, if that is really how Craig feels the better thing would have been to deny Haney an interview. I mean, does he realize that he just gave Haney and his book a lot more attention, and that people will now buy the book to see exactly what the controversy is all about? It just shows the stupidity of Carton. It is so obvious that he is a Howard Stern wannabe, but he is not funny, not interesting, and more arrogant than any other radio personality I can think of (with the exception of maybe Dino Costa). I have not listened to B&C in the morning for about a year because I just can’t take Carton any longer. Now I know that there is no really to start listening again.

    1. Charles says:

      “Craig may or may not have been right in his thoughts (I’m still undecided if Haney was wrong or not), but it was the way he expressed his thoughts that I take issue with”

      That’s exactly it. It’s possible to ask tough questions without sounding like a complete ignoramus. Well, apparently it’s not possible if you’re Craig Carton.

      “It is so obvious that he is a Howard Stern wannabe…”

      Yup. The difference is that Stern actually has wit and intelligence, two things Carton never will have.

  33. gafo4 says:

    This is the first interview on Haney’s tour that actually made him have to answer the questions that Carton asked. It’s a great interview. The guy is getting soft, lay-up questions from all other interviewers who just don’t want to get into the dirt. Haney TOTALLY crossed the line by including the personal details and he’s making money off of telling Tiger’s stories in the book!! And Carton nailed the reality of it all. Hands down.

  34. Mike says:

    Carton is my G. Good for him. He said everything every real person wanted to say to that clown.

    Snitches get stitches.

    Anyone that didn’t like the interview is simply a hater. He is hysterical and as for him sweating Boomer, don’t you realize that is his schtick.

    1. Not a FAN (of Carton) says:

      Mike, if Carton is your “G”, then you’re an “A” as in A-whole. Your “snitches get stitches” sounds EXACTLY what no talent Carton would say. Do you sniff his “A” too??

  35. Mr. Knick says:

    Carton is a blithering sycophant, an unabashed worshiper of the rich and the influential. Most particularly, sports superstars can do no wrong in his world — and they are entitled to hog a basketball, run dog fights, cheat on their wives or do any of the other bad things human beings do — without public criticism or negative consequences of any kind. His infantile fawning over the famous is always awkward, frequently embarrassing and — like this morning — downright disgusting

    1. Mike says:

      you are a hater of the first order. His “worshiping” of the rich and influential is his thing. He does it sarcastically. You sound like a bright person with your use of the english language, how could you not understand what he does?

  36. Charles says:

    I couldn’t care less about golf. I guess I’d rather become famous being Tiger Woods’ sidekick than being an annoying, talentless j*ckoff playing sidekick to Boomer Esiason.

    The person for whom I feel the most pity here is Boomer Esiason. Who the f*** is Craig Carton? I could listen to Boomer Esiason, but I can’t listen to Craig Carton. He universally has no clue what he’s talking about. He’s just a dumb jock who lacked the talent to play sports, so he just kisses ass of sports celebrities. Pretty sad.

    1. Patrick says:

      I agree with what you say, however you can’t give Esiason a full pass, he stood by like a jelly fish and didn’t even try to rain in the Jerk like he normally does. I lost some repect for Boomer today, I thought he would know better than to let the Jerk go on an on. They lost me as a listner today from now on it’s only IMUS in morning.

      1. Learn Who's Talented says:

        You guys are both wrong. Carton is the talent behind the show. Boomer’s just there to be reasonable and solid, but it’s all Carton.

        1. Charles says:

          “Carton is the talent behind the show.”

          That’s why I never listen to the show. When Craig freakin’ Carton is “the talent behind [your] show,” you really don’t have a show.

          Any time I listen to the show, it’s Craig Carton acting like an immature, obnoxious, ignorant jackass, and Boomer Esiason doing his best to play the role of adult.

          At least Boomer Esiason knows something about SPORTS, which is why I listen to a SPORTS TALK STATION. Craig Carton is just another “shock jock.” He strikes me as an incredibly lame individual.

  37. Peter says:

    Carton just had the stones to say what everyone else is thinking… Atta boy Craig…

    Haney is a snake

  38. Joey Booms says:

    Carton eviscerated Haney’s soul!!! Great stuff. One of the best B and C shows of all time. Love it!!!!

  39. Dave says:

    Carton’s ambush interview of Hank Haney was completely unprofessional. Carton’s actions are damaging to WFAN’s generation of revenue. Caron needs to understand regardless of his personal feelings to book content, Haney has every right to come on WFAN radio and sell his book. His boss should severely punish him for this erratic job behavior. Now also, in my opinion Carton’s main premise of privacy violation is wrong. Tiger Woods is a professional golfer with a private life, but he is also a major sports Brand. Tiger markets his wares so he can make money. As golf fans we watch golf on TV, and we are bombarded with the selling of the Tiger Brand. As consumers, we chose whether or not to buy stuff. We have every right to learn as much as we can about the Tiger Brand, including Tiger’s private life, when looking at the stuff he’s selling. If we do not like the way Tiger conducts his affairs, we have every right to chose not to buy his stuff (which I personally do not). The is the bargain the professional golfer Tiger signed on for when he started marketing the Tiger Brand. If Tiger does not like this bargain, then he should stop selling stuff and try to make money winning golf tournaments. You’re sold on the Tiger Brand Carton, I am definitely not.

  40. soup says:

    It’s a fantastic book. I’m more of a Tiger fan now after reading it. Fascinating book.

  41. S. Simmons says:

    Carton makes me sick. I cannot listen to him. He’s a mean-spirited whiner, a real mama’s boy. He totally denegrates women as well as his own co-workers. A real classless act.

  42. Bman says:

    awesome interview Carton.. I am now fan. compltely true !

  43. Elizabeth says:

    carton, stick to being a funny guy and leave real journalism to the pros

    get off tiger’s nuts while your at it, its not as if haney spilled the secrets on a respectable public figure

    1. M. Francessa says:

      …you think Carton is a ‘funny guy’? WOW, he IS a jerk. A real lowlife. He reminds me of some guys I’ve known: weasels who will do anything for attention. Hangers on, like Carton hangs onto Boomer’s coattails. I’m SHOCKED that WFAN continues to emply him. Makes me think less of them as employers.

    2. Discouraged Listener says:

      Carton clearly and consistently displays his lack of interviewing skills, not just with Haney, but with other guests. Boomer has to continually rescue the interview from Carton’s long-winded off on a tangent questions. Today, Carton went over the top and embarrassed the show, Boomer, WFAN, and CBS (although I agree Boomer sat by watching like a bird). WFAN has to have a line with Carton’s unprofessional comments and lack of interviewing ability at some point. Today was an embarrassment for the show.

  44. Rick says:

    PUHLEASE! Haney wants to cash in on Tiger, Craig wants ratings. It was as orchestrated as a symphony. Haney’s people knew this was not going to be a puff interview- Craig let him speak his piece, then he had the final say. Craig handled it the same way Francesa handles people he does not like. All PR is good PR. This is sports talk radio, nothing more.

    1. Discouraged Listener says:

      First, spell “please” correctly. Carton should apply the same level of seething, unprofessional monologues to all players who use twitter on team matters and all the other coaches who wrote books or gave interviews about players (on positive and negative notes) for that matter, etc. He was completely over-the-top and out of line.

  45. Ragu says:

    That was lame Carton. Be a professional and leave your personal feelings out of it. You do your listeners a disservice when you get into an argument with a guy you are interviewing because of your personal feelings. I don’t know where you get off asking him not to “be a coward” and hang up when all you are doing is screaming insults at him…would you listen to someone doing that to you? I’d hang up in a second, who needs to hear your garbage? Also, how do you give Haney a hard time for letting out Tiger’s family secrets when Tiger did it himself by banging every girl on the planet?! Get a grip you loser!

    1. Patrick says:

      Well Said

    2. Discouraged Listener says:

      Carton is an egotistical leech on Boomer the same way he accuses Hank with Tiger. Doesn’t Carton always talk about Boomer’s house and certain details about the inside of Boomers house on the air – what a hypocrite.

  46. Golfmatters says:

    Agree with Pat. Doesn’t matter what Hank wrote, but it does matter when you perform a premeditated ambush job on interviewees. The outcome of that interview was predetermined.

  47. Brian says:

    I am a big fan of the show but I think that Carton was way out of line in his maner of “questioning” Haney. It’s okay to strongly disagree with your guest but you need to have a civil conversation about it.

  48. anthony says:

    today carton you made me a listener. you are so right, great job.

  49. GothamGirl says:

    I Love Craig!! The only person that did a hatchet job was Hank Haney on Tiger Woods. I’m glad Craig exposed this traitor.

  50. Patrick says:

    Does not matter what I think of the Hank Haney book. Carton is JERK. He ambushed Haney and did a hachet job on him, while Esiason watched. Two Mary Asses picking on a guest who was willing to answer the questions.

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