Hank Haney, Author Of Tiger Book, Hangs Up During Heated Interview With Boomer & Carton

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Who says golf is boring?

Hank Haney’s controversial book about Tiger Woods, his most famous pupil, has been a hot subject of debate. And when he joined WFAN’s Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton on Friday, well, let’s just say things got heated.

You have to listen for yourself:

Full Boomer & Carton interview with Hank Haney

In “The Big Miss,” Haney delves into his six years as Woods’ swing coach. But the book goes beyond the golf course, including passages about the superstar’s relationship with ex-wife Elin Nordegren and his fascination with the Navy SEALS.

Haney resigned in 2010. The decision came shortly after Woods, fresh off his much-publicized sex scandal, returned to the PGA Tour.

“I viewed it as my memories too,” Haney told Boomer & Carton. “These weren’t just his memories, he didn’t have an exclusive on those memories. I wanted to share my observations, my thoughts about his greatness, the complexities that make him up as a golfer, as a person. If I had all positive things in the book, it wouldn’t have been an honest book.”

The timing couldn’t be worse for Woods. Haney’s book was released Tuesday as the former No. 1 golfer in the world prepares for next week’s Masters tournament.

Carton seethed toward the end of the interview, “I think you’re a horrible human being.”

“You don’t know me!” Haney replied.

“I know enough. And here’s what I know about you,” said Carton. “Without him you don’t have a TV show. Without him, outside of die-hard golf fans, no one knows who you are.”

Haney exited around 21 minutes into the exchange. An audible “click” was heard while Carton went on:

“Here’s the reality of Hank Haney: Hank Haney’s gonna get to know you. Like a snake in the grass, if he can make money off you one day in the future, he’s gonna do it. And I can’t stand guys like you!

“It’s hard enough for a guy like Tiger Woods — I have to imagine — to let someone come into his world and to have complete, utter trust in that man, which you have to do to become better and use a coach. And then for that guy to turn around and tell the most, you know, family secrets that have nothing to do with golf, and put that crap off as a golf book, is obnoxious!”

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