Comedian Jackie Mason Allegedly Assaulted

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Comedian Jackie Mason may have been the victim of an assault.

The alleged incident took place early Friday morning. Police said they responded to an apartment on West 56th Street, where they encountered Mason and his 48-year-old “female companion.”

Mason told police he was bruised when he was trying to get a phone from the woman. The woman claimed that Mason hit her with the phone.

Both Mason and the woman refused medical attention. The woman,  Kaoru Suzuki- McMullen, was charged with assault and the investigation is continuing.

CBS 2 has reached out to Mason for comment.


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  1. Tommy says:

    She was a huer

  2. Code Blue says:

    He’s as they say “getting old in the head”. Never mind she’s only out for his money.

  3. Mikeybklyn says:

    Of course the Goyim is arrested and not the Jew.

    1. you should know,your an idiot says:

      another racist heard from

  4. The Good Rabbi says:

    The good news here is that I always Jackie was gay, and to find out he’s not makes me happy. Also, he doesn’t look 75.

  5. John says:

    Probuably happened in the building he lives in on 56th. Anyone who lives in that building is completely and certifiably – NUTS.

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