Occupy Wall Street March Across Brooklyn Bridge To Mark Arrests

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Occupy Wall Street protesters marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to mark the six months that have passed since hundreds of them were arrested walking the same route. With a crowd of about 200, Sunday’s march was a far cry from the previous one of over 2,000

The activists marched from Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park, where they first camped out last September to start a movement that has spread around the world. They were flanked by police officers on scooters and on foot.

The marchers used the pedestrian walkway to cross the bridge. The commemoration ended with a rally in Brooklyn’s Cadman Plaza, which wrapped up just as rain started to fall.

Sonia Rincon of 1010 WINS spoke with several of the marchers: 

There were no reports of arrests.

One of the marchers, wearing green hospital garb and wheeling an intravenous bag, unfurled a banner saying “Health Care for the 99 percent.” Occupy activists dubbed themselves the “99 percent” opposing the economic inequality represented by the wealthy “1 percent.”

The Brooklyn gathering included a “General Assembly” — as Occupy supporters called their daily meetings in Zuccotti Park, where they discussed various protest topics.

Danny Valdez, one of the protesters arrested six months ago, told Rincon: “We’re adapting, and that’s kind of the beautiful thing of ‘Occupy’. We didn’t necessarily have to take the roadway and get arrested all over again, but we could have a march with a beautiful puppet bridge.”

The replica, complete with minature protesters holding signs, was carried to Cadman Plaza.

Bob Broadhurst, 54, of Hyde Park, Mass., a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, glanced across the crowd of dwindling protesters, shook his head and said it was “very disappointing.”

He said he expects the charges from the arrests to be dropped.

“It’s complicated because nothing has changed since the fall in terms of the causes, but nobody wants to take a political position stance,” said Thor Caristo, 37, of New York, when asked about the future of the movement.

“However, May 1 will change that,” he said, referring to planned May Day marches and rallies backed by the nation’s largest unions.

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  1. man from old ways says:

    get off the bridge lowlifes go home you are not wanted here most of you loses come from out of state stay home go get a job and wash

    1. Need Change NOW says:

      one word. Ignorant.

  2. The Realist says:

    When will the “Occupy” CORPORATION agree to a forensic audit of its books and disclose how it has spent the $20 MILLION that it has taken in?

  3. OWS Vandalizes Churches says:

    has OWS decided to pay for the vandalization of Trinity and Parkwest churches yet?
    How about the hazmat cleanup of the ATMs where they dumped feces and urine?

    No? Go away until you do. Most NY’ers don’t support those who think Vandalizing churches and squatting in parks in ANY way represents the regular “99%”. Stop wasting taxpayer dollars and promoting rapes in my name. I am the 99% and i DO NOT SUPPORT OCCUPY OR THE POLITICIANS WHO DO.

  4. Luis Guerra says:

    The issue is extended money jobs inequality in Hard Times. That all dreamers house of our dreams…takes time its the money?

  5. Dan Te says:

    So everyone else must be inconvenienced because these twerps are too lazy to work in a real job?

    I love these stinking fascist pigs. They will Dictate to you what you Must Do. You’re too stupid to know what is good for you. They will Tell You what is Good and Bad. And if you don’t agree, they’ll block your way, squat on your private property and make you miserable until you Obey.

    1. Need Change NOW says:

      It sounds like you are describing religious people, not occupiers.

  6. jeremiah says:

    Thank you to all the protestors that are trying to make America a better place,

  7. clive1 says:

    Neocons already have people like Bisquit attacking Unions.

  8. Buttbisquit@hotmail.com says:

    Butt Bisquit supported OWS when they first started. ADD racist pigs like Al Sharpton and Thug Union leaders and butt bisquit has no more interest in the “cause”.

    Nice try OWS but not properly planned out…now a disgrace….nobody with a brain will support the cause.


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