Alec Baldwin Engaged To 28-Year-Old Yoga Instructor

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Alec Baldwin proposed over the weekend to Hilaria Thomas, his girlfriend of about a year.

Thomas, 28, is a yoga instructor.

Baldwin, who turns 54 Tuesday, was formerly married to actress Kim Basinger. The two have a daughter, 18-year-old Ireland. Baldwin’s divorce from Basinger ended acrimoniously in 2002.

There’s no date for the wedding.

Baldwin reportedly called the engagement a “great way to celebrate” his upcoming birthday.

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  • LI 'er

    well, its obvious how he is working the extra pounds off…i would be thin as a rail if I had that in my sack

  • myother

    Money and fame is what makes the world go round.

  • EdS

    Alec Baldwin, great actor and luckiest SOB on the planet…. prenup boy, prenup.

  • truthforfood

    Congrats to the couple?? Another old man with a girl half his age. It’s legalized pedophilia. It’s so creepy. There will never be peace in the world until men stop treating women like they are useless except for one thing. Another George Bush hater, but in reality —- just another woman hater. Is it no wonder people don’t take Hollywood’s political opinions seriously?

    He is an abusive alcoholic to his ex-wife and his own daughter. Shameful.

    • Ml

      Absolutely right and if it were not for fame and money he would still be living off a parkway exit in NJ with an ugly wife 4 kids, no money, no teeth and a beer belly.

    • Mlc

      It’s hilaria alright!

  • Doug

    I’m jealous… She’s hot and flexible.

  • jerry

    The gold digger and the creepy old guy. Nice.

  • The Velvet Fog

    Nice work if you can get it, and you can get it, if you try.

  • sharon wolff

    Congrats to Alec. I have just noticed he has lost some weight, and is beginning to lool like his earlier self. Keep up the good work Alec.
    As for the comments by “smokersodyssey, and layoffthe donuts’ it seems you are alone in your life and jealout of someone who has found happiness. Take your “pity party” somewhere else fellas, this isn’t the place for it.

    • i love good p.r. people...

      …you can never tell when they are working. they just get the job done. unlike you.

  • lay off those donuts tubby...

    …or you’ll be sleeping alone again.

  • Hiran

    Wow 26yrs younger than him. Awesome for Alec Baldwin & Congrats to the couple.

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