Park Slope Parents Want Ice Cream Trucks Banned To Avoid Testy Tantrums From Tots

Some Want Trucks To 'Go Somewhere Else,' Others Say Idea Is 'Extreme'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Who doesn’t like the ice cream truck? Apparently some parents in Park Slope.

Dozens of recent comments on a Park Slope parents message blog said ice cream vendors need to leave the area, especially places around the playgrounds and parks, to help avoid afternoon meltdowns and temper tantrums from children craving frozen treats.

“Go somewhere else, go on another corner because…it does make it too tempting for them,” Debbie Markovic said Monday as her lactose-intolerant daughter begged for ice cream.

CBS 2’s Emily Smith found ice cream trucks on nearly every corner, including a Mister Softee truck, several Icee carts and a few frozen yogurt mobiles.

Though a sentiment exists among some to move the ice cream trucks, some frozen treat fanatics said banning a staple like Mister Softee is simply un-American.

“A little extreme, a little treat is a good thing,” one woman said.

“They’re walking down the street and my kid wants everything, every toy they see. Does that mean we should ban every toy store?” another woman said.

A city agency said banning ice cream trucks would have to be done legislatively citywide or statewide. They said to ban the trucks just in Park Slope would be impossible.

One parent jokingly said not until celery trucks go around playing fun music should the community consider banning the ice cream trucks.

Community Board 7 said it gets complaints about noisy music from the ice cream trucks or even safety issues regarding parking. However, an all-out ban for health reasons is unrealistic because the trucks are run by private vendors and parents have the option to say “no.”

Where do you stand on the issue?  Do you think ice cream trucks should be banned in Park Slope?  Share your thoughts below…


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  1. Herschel Leimi says:

    Horrible parents, teach your kids discipline and your little retarded monsters won’t spaz when they don’t get their ways.

  2. JayUVA says:

    My proposal: Teach the snowflakes that it is not proper to throw tantrums.

    1. Eric says:

      Yes, and teach the non-snowflakes to stop selling crack and shooting people.

  3. ToddUncommon says:

    A lazy parent’s lack of ability to enforce his or her child does not trump the right of a frozen treat vendor to legally sell products at locations of his or her choosing.

  4. edwardo says:

    Kids don’t want to hear about nor care about their parents religious zealous toward Michelle Obama’s war on food, ice cream is great, and they think their parents are full of crap. And hopefully, this is a sign of things to come.

  5. urdrwho says:

    Are the people supporting a ban of an ice cream truck adult parents or children that procreated? You can’t be serious that an adult parent doesn’t have the parenting skills to tell their child no. Wow this paints a terrible picture of the future generation.

  6. John McAlexander says:

    These is a problem with the parents who lack the courage to be parents – so far this is the kind of thing you get when you give up your rights to the federal government – Michelle Obama would be more than happy for the government to take responsibility – try and grow up and be parents.

    1. JayUVA says:

      Your comment starts out on the right point, but you obviously could not resist an anti-Obama slur – stay on-topic.

      1. Eric says:

        Actually it was on topic. Michelle has injected herself into the food / gov’t debate. So it seems pretty relevant. Also, a lecture on staying on topic from a guy who described the children in question as little “snowflakes” seems rather like Al Sharpton complaining about people who make a living off racism.

      2. Eric says:

        Also, a criticism of OBama is not a slur. A slur is the n word, a-hole, the c word, or the word “snowflake” to describe white people.

        Ripping on Obama for policy is not a slur. I know you have problems seeing that; hope it helps.

        Sincerely, the snowflake

  7. jrey762 says:

    I guess I’m old fashioned: I believe it is the parent’s responsibility to be held accountable for the behavior of their own children. If YOUR child throws a tantrum it is YOUR fault that the child believes that behavior is appropriate.

  8. skip says:

    Helicopter parents. Google it.

  9. None says:

    Dear Park Slope parents. You’re morons. Now STFU.

  10. jake says:

    These people are incredible!
    Be a parent and RAISE your children! Ice Cream trucks have been around forever, and are a part of Americana!
    If you don’t like them, DON’T patronize them!!! STOP TRYING to ruin this country!

  11. Beloved Of The Morningstar says:

    Canceretts, Ice Cream. We should just ban everything. ;(

  12. Sara Cofresi says:

    Is Park Slope one of those cities where parents gather who chose not to teach their children self control??? I never had “meltdowns” from my child when she asked for something and I said no.

  13. Peter says:

    The answer is no kid I said no !!!! WTF!!!

  14. L Ouwen says:

    Don’t want your child to throw a tantrum? Take 3 days with them. Set them up: figure out what they want and tell them ,”no”. When they throw a tantrum take something they love away from them. Do not EVER give them what they want when they throw a tantrum for it AND take something additional away from them. Explain to them EVERY SINGLE TIME that this is what happens. Eventually, they will understand that TANTRUM = THEIR LIFE BEING MISERABLE.

  15. Amy says:

    Oh Yes!! You really do have ot LOVE living in a nanny state!!! Here is a free parenting tip… How about you tell the kid (before you leave) that we are going to the park… You will not be getting any ice cream… if you have a temper tantrum, we will be coming home and I will not take you back to the park (for so many days) and we will keep doing that until you stop having the tantrums… SERIOUSLY! It is called PARENTING… TRY IT!

  16. Lee Yarbrough says:

    Ban the trucks because you lack as a parent. That has become the American way. Always blame something else on your problems and lack of responsibility.

    Stop blaming others, step up and take care of your own family.

  17. Rick says:

    Spank your kids and they usually won’t throw a tantrum. Be parents people.

  18. Francis says:

    65 years ago my parents would use the words “Son I love you but, no”. Now go out and play with your friends. I’ll call you when dinner is ready. I grew up responsible a contributor to society in a positive way mind you. I made my own money because I did the work myself. I still do not believe I should give any one anything but i will give them a job and pay them for their work. If you throw a tantrum I will treat you like a chiled and ignore you.

    My children are also responsible contributors to society and make their own money. Their children do not act out “misbehave or tnatrum”. They know that their parents and grandparents love them but no means no.

  19. Amr1960 says:

    Thank you Internet & Al Gore for letting the world know about the abundance of Felony Stupid Parents populating the Park Slope region…

  20. kenc1101 says:

    I want all ice cream trucks banned. There’s nothing more annoying or disturbing than laying your head on the pillow, finally falling asleep, and being woken up by the horrifying sound screeching from an ice cream truck. Either buy some from your local store or take your kids to the Dairy Queen. Nothing else is sold like this.

    1. Eric says:

      It hearkens back to a time when we didn’t have refrigeration and ice in general was a novelty. Indeed we have moved past that point long ago and it seems out of place. But it’s also part of childhood; I personally find Santa Claus to be a big annoying waste of time. It’s usually some fat wino and I always have to take my kid and the line is horrible. But at the end of the day, it’s about his experience not mine. And at one time, I loved going to see SC as a child. I think wanting to change the law because of your sleeping habits seems rather selfish, no?

      1. kenc1101 says:

        Sleeping a habit? I hope so. Do it every night. Maybe if the ice cream truck in my neighborhood came through sat a decent hour I wouldn’t mind so much. Might even get me something. But 10:00 o’clock at night? So maybe what I’m saying is please, please come through my neighborhood when the sun is still up.

  21. Amr1960 says:

    You can by them a freeze pop instead, not all iced treats have lactose…

    1. Sidney Vincent says:

      For my kids it wasn’t the “ice cream truck”; it was the “music man”.
      No problems.

  22. jeff says:

    how many bans does it take to become a good parent?

    1. george says:

      The question should be. how many bans does it take to relieve me of the need to be a good parent?

  23. Spock says:

    This is called Grooming a Liberal!!!! – If i can have it or don’t like it Ban it!!

    Doesn’t this mother lnopw how to say NO, or maybe go to Obama but then he might say everybody has a right to ice cream, so tax payers have to pay for it!!

    Or maybe he’ll threaten them!! or better yet have people carry cards that say they are an illegal ice cream eater!!

  24. Eric says:

    Popsicles don’t have lactose. Gotta love Rocket Pops

  25. bobonnit says:

    Every time I read or hear something stupid like this, I ask myself: Who is behind it ?
    And the answer is always the same: Liberals and Democrats.
    I spit upon them. Ptui !

  26. A says:


  27. Jarhead68 says:

    Obama voters…anyone care to doubt it? This Markowicz broad should be banned from voting for 8 years.

  28. MrLiberty says:

    Can’t control your own children, sounds like bad parenting to me.

    Well actually is sounds more like liberal parenting to me. Liberals always want someone else to do their jobs for ’em.

  29. Katmac says:

    The answer is “no,”. And a tantrum never killed anyone. Though I’ve seen adults throw them. And with both I walk away.

  30. Voice says:

    So shall it be written,So shall it be done.

  31. Che was a d-bag says:

    Beat on the brat

    Beat on the brat

    Beat on the brat



  32. Bill says:

    How about saying “NO” like my parents did and instilling some discipline…. or would this hurt the little tykes self-esteem too badly?

  33. Me says:

    How about using this as an opportunity to teach your child that s/he cannot have everything s/he wants. Your child will stop throwing tantrums if they don’t work. Unless s/he has autism or something like that. Parents are just too flipping lazy!

  34. Phil Valentine says:

    What a bunch of weenie parents. No wonder some kids are out of control.

  35. dhdana says:

    Actually, the article doesn’t mention that the parents complaining have children with dairy allergies. I happen to have two children with dairy allergies and know what happens when the ice cream truck comes to our block? My kids know they have to select one of the non-dairy Popsicle-like options.

    1. dhdana says:

      I stand corrected. The article does mention lactose intolerant children. However, the rest of my comment stands. Either tell your kids no or have them select a non-dairy option.

    2. ZEN says:

      “Debbie Markovic said Monday as her lactose-intolerant daughter begged for ice cream.” Lactose intolerant is a dairy allergie!

      1. dhdana says:

        Yeah, i already pointed out he error myself, thanks. But actually, if you want to get technical, a dairy allergy and lactose intolerance are two different things.

      2. Pendy says:

        Ice cream IS dairy, Zen. Channel that.

      3. swell_swell says:

        Actually lactose intolerance is the inability to digest the milk sugar lactose. It is not an allergy (though many people describe it that way because too many people can’t understand the real explanation). An allergy will cause a histamine reaction – which classically causes swelling, hives, and itching and can lead to anaphylaxis and death.

  36. DaddyB says:

    The progressive parents in that city are once again looking to their mommy and daddy for help. Do they have any consideration for the people that would lose their job? I guess that’s what unemployment is for, eh?

    Honestly, do your job as a parent. It’s up to you to educate and discipline your children as necessary. The tantrum your child throws is the child pushing your button. If it works, they are smarter than the you. Just realize that you are a parent, not just a friend. Friends are easy. They come and go.

    1. Spock says:

      uhho Obama may blame that for raising gas prices and unemployment!!!

      Well remember the ATM took thousands of jobs (ignoring the fact it created thousands) or Gas prices are raising not becasue Obama stopped more drilling than any president in history but becasse the oil companies cant drill!!

      Its Bush’s Fault the child cant eat ice cream!!

  37. Bill says:

    This reminds me of an incident a while back. A mother was in line with me and had a little boy with her. He kept wanting candy and she kept saying no. The kid finally yelled and punched her in the leg. She got him the candy. A man was behind me with his boy and the kid actually asked his dad “if I hit you, do I get candy?” I was tickled pink with pride when the man told his son “if you show out like that and then punch me your going to get something all right, but it won’t be damn candy. Do you understand?” The little boy said “yes sir”. THAT IS A PARENT.

  38. williampenn says:

    Don’t worry, folks. Madame Obama will soon be issuing mandates listing approved foods for the proletariat. Ice cream won’t be on it.

    1. Spock says:

      she’ll do it while Biden is eating an ice cream

      1. george says:

        Are you kidding? She’ll do it while SHE is eating ice cream.

  39. Cindi says:

    You are so right! These little wussies aren’t going to be able to cope with anything.

    1. bluescat48 says:

      it amazes me that those on both sides of this argument fail to see the simple solution. If the child throws a temper tantrum, so what. Let them throw it, let them throw it the next time etc. Sooner of later they will realize, the tantrum gets them nowhere. Give in to it and they have you over a barrel. So what’s wrong with a little noise. No one said parenting is a bowl of cherries.

  40. Cindi says:

    It’s not icecream trucks, it is poor parenting that the schools, psychological services and society have to contend with. Put a break on it folks!!!!

  41. Bill says:

    Some parents want them banned because their kids throw tantrums. You as a parent don’t know haw to modify this behavior? Your child is lactose intolerant? You don’t know how to explain this to the child and get them an ice pop? Or is it that You bunch of sub par parents just don’t know how or won’t say NO to your spoiled little brats!

    1. george says:

      It sounds more like, “if MY kid can’t have it, then NOBODY’S kid can have it. After all, MY kid is perfect. Sorry about yours.”

  42. Jen says:

    Somewhere along the line, parents forgot how to say “no” or stopped punishing their kids for throwing temper tantrums. I can still remember back to when I was4-6 yrs old or so & my mom reminding me quite sternly what would happen if I continued to throw a tantrum. She gave me a choice of a public spanking or the choice to behave. Because she’d consistently proven to me previously that her warnings were real & followed-up w/, you can bet I understood that I would actually get the punishment promised if I didn’t straighten out.

  43. Eric says:

    PEOPLE! WAKE-UP! We are no longer parents; we are their friends. We must give our kids everything we never had no matter the cost. I can’t even say this with a straight-face. I should not be punished because SOMEONE lacks the ability to be an effective parent. I’ve lost count how many times my daughter said, “I HATE YOU!” Yep. Ususally it was preceeded by, “No. You can’t have/go.” Sad. This is what America has become.

  44. freecheese says:

    This is exactly why penuts are banned from airlines. The MINORITY rules again.

    1. USArmyCombatMedic says:

      peanuts are actually banned? I just thought they went away due to the woes of the airline industry..

    2. Fred says:

      Yes, your right to have a palmful of peanuts in seat 32E trumps my son’s right to live.

      It’s all about you….

      1. Sick of Whiners says:

        If your kid can’t eat peanuts then he should not eat peanuts. Why should the entire population be punished.

        I am allergic to shellfish. Should the entire population be banned from eating shrimp, lobster and crab.

        This society is doomed with parents like this.

        1. Sick of Idiots says:

          Do they cause you to die if you touch them?

      2. Rightsaid Fred says:

        So if I am on the plane with your son and the airline gives me a bag of peanuts to eat your son is going to die? What if I bring my own peanuts? Will he die then? Why didn’t we have a rash of peanuts related fatalities back when they were being handed out? I’m sure this is not a new allergy. Were people with peanut allergies just not flying?

      3. JohnF says:

        You have no right to any expectation that once you leave your house that someone won’t be walking down the street eating a handful of peanuts. You do have the responsibility to find safe ways to travel in public. Roughly 4-6 percent of the American public is allergic to peanuts. You DON’T have the right to make the other 94% give up something that is legal and nutritious simply because it’s unsafe to your son.

        It’s not all about you and your son .. get over it. I’ll bring whatever I want onto an airplane to eat, no one is going to go through the ingredients on my animal crackers to see if they contain peanuts or were made in a factory that processes peanuts.

        1. Philswin08 says:

          Your last paragraph sounds like a big boy version of a temper tantrum. You really cant go a few hours without peanuts? I have a 3rd grade daughter with a peanut alergy. Airplanes are the only place I can begrudgingly see banning( I hate that word!) peanuts due to the airbourne nature of the allergy and the confined space.. Everywhere else requires educating my daughter not to share lunches with friends ect. No nut free table for her.She plays soccer,softball and basketball without incident because she is educated on her allergy and knows there are things she can not have. However this ice cream ban is apples to oranges. the parents in this article are beyond wrong. Say no to your spoiled brats for once!.

      4. Yodan says:

        Fred: You do not have a constitutional right to limit my freedoms. It is not my fault your son has an allergy. It is not my responsibility either. It is yours and his. If you wish an accommodation, ASK for it. Do not demand it. It is clear you are a Leftist/Liberal/Democrat. Your type believes that it is someone else’s responsibility to guarantee that your life is responsibility and worry free. It is never your responsibility to make wise choices to insure your child’s safety and health. You reserve the right to be as selfish, irresponsible, thoughtless, stupid and unwise as you want to be and it is never your responsibility or your fault if something goes wrong… Buuuuttttt you demand that you be able to control freak the world so that your little precious never has to learn about reality and just floats through life in a self-absorbed bubble. It is not necessary that the world be control freaked. It is necessary that people are taught to be considerate and respectful of each other. Blaming and judging others because they insist on living their own lives is a cop out and just down right lazy.

      5. get says:

        your kid is a failed mutation,why should society change because your kid is weak?

    3. Moose says:

      You are either ignorant or selfish or both.

      And on top of that pretty stupid since you do not seem to understand the problems that peanuts can cause others have nothing to do with whining children wanting an ice cream.

      But, since you are a selfish prick, consider the consequences of your peanuts when the airplane has to make a medical emercency landing. You will be surprised how steep an airplane can descent…

      1. Jim says:

        As a parent, it is my responsibility to see to it that my child doesn’t eat something that is harmful to them. You seem eager to impose that responsibility on others. Much like the parents who want the ice cream truck to go away so they don’t have to listen to their children scream for ice cream.

        1. Kathy says:

          EARPLUGS!! Just as kids become “Mommy deaf” parents need to become “Kid deaf” As my mother used to say, “I can’t hear a word you’re saying” . We learned quickly not to ask for anything. What part of “NO” does the child not understand?

      2. Yodan says:

        Moose: You just don’t get it and you probably never will. It is not the world’s responsibility to revolve around you, or your kid.

        If a plane needs to make an emergency landing because a child with an allergy ate some peanuts, who’s fault do you think it is? I would guess you would blame the airline because they handed out the peanuts and they are a big corporation and so it is ok to hate them as there are no consequenses to that course of action.

        But let us consider and alternative:

        Maybe the parent of the child should not bury their nose in a book or their Ipad game or their laptop stockmarket program or their… and instead place the child in a window seat and spend their time managing that child to insure that nothing dangerous gets ingested. If that is not possible, maybe the parent should defer going on airplane travel until the little jewel of the family has enough self control and training not to bolt the peanuts placed in front of them.

        Of course you would never endorse the second alternative as that would involve you actually being responsible for yourself and your child.

        I am not a selfish prick for insisting that your family’s issues are yours to deal with. You are a selfish prick for insisting that the world accomodate you.

        1. Philswin08 says:

          Your last paragraph sounds like a big boy version of a temper tantrum. You really cant go a few hours without peanuts? I have a 3rd grade daughter with a peanut alergy. Airplanes are the only place I can begrudgingly see banning( I hate that word!) peanuts due to the airbourne nature of the allergy and the confined space.The danger is not in the kid eating nuts. Its airborne. Everywhere else requires educating my daughter not to share lunches with friends ect. No nut free table for her.She plays soccer,softball and basketball without incident because she is educated on her allergy and knows there are things she can not have. However this ice cream ban is apples to oranges. the parents in this article are beyond wrong. Say no to your spoiled brats for once!.

    4. Kim says:

      No they are not banned. I just flew and had peanuts. But peanut related items are asked to be left out of classrooms if children are in close proximities.

  45. Cynthia Brennemann says:

    So the parents throw a tantrum at the city to ruin everyones day simply because they are inept, lazy parents who only spend ten minutes a day with their kids and want that ten minutes to be pleasant. Great job parenting, guys.

  46. Stephen Wilkins says:

    Not only did we not dare throw a tantrum if didn’t get ice cream, we were taught it was rude to ask anyone, even your mom, to buy something for you,. This doesn’t mean my mom didn’t treat us on many occasions, but she taught to be polite and self disciplined.

  47. Michelle says:

    Are these parents for real? You’re raising a bunch of spoiled brats. How about telling your child “no?” If a child is lactose intolerant, are you going to have every dairy product removed from their school as well?

  48. SeamanGulp says:

    I say let’s BAN these genetic mutant parents who can’t be responsible for their actions or their “chirrens” behavior. Maybe mandatory sterilization WAS a good thing.

  49. Jim In Frankfort says:

    Maybe children should just learn that “no” is an acceptable answer. My kids get it.

    When these parents are done with their helicoptering we’ll be left with a new batch of young citizens who can’t make a responsible decision to save their own lives … and who expect a nanny state to protect them from themselves.

  50. Mindy says:

    If your kid is screaming every time an ice cream truck drives by, you’re doing it wrong. My kid grew out of tantrums when he realized he just kept getting his toys taken away. If your lactose-intolerant kid doesn’t understand why they can’t have ice cream, perhaps you should stop sheltering her and explain that she has to eat different foods and supplement a treat she can have instead. Don’t just let her stand there and watch all the other kids get a treat she can’t have without her understanding why. Prepare your kids for LIFE, don’t just send them to school hoping someone else will do it because they won’t.

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