Brooklyn College Provost Accused Of Anti-Semitic Behavior, Racial Bias

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Assemblyman Dov Hikind is calling for an independent investigation into accusations of anti-Semitism and racial bias at Brooklyn College.

Hikind said some high-level staff members claim despite recommendations from search committees, Provost William Tramontano prevented observant Jewish women from being hired as teachers and other Orthodox Jews were denied promotions because of their religion.

“In one particular case, a person who was trying to get a job, her name was Miriam, was approved by the committee,” Hikind said. “His answer [Tramontano] was, ‘We already have one Miriam,’ as if to say, ‘We already have Jews.'”

Hikind said the alleged actions by the provost are “unconscionable” and “unacceptable.”

“We’re not going to rest until there is action taken,” Hikind said. “Send Tramontano somewhere else; he doesn’t belong at Brooklyn College, as far as I’m concerned he doesn’t belong at any university.”

A school spokesman defended its hiring, promotion and tenure practices saying each decision was made “for rational and appropriate reasons.”

The spokesman told the Associated Press the discrimination allegations are based on erroneous information and are without merit.

“What are we teaching our students? What are we telling them when you can insult and degrade people who happen to be Jewish,” Hikind said.

He believes there is documentation that shows “the prejudices of this provost very clearly” and will uncover corruption at the school.

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  1. Ed says:

    Where there is smoke, there is fire. Let the Provost see “Gentleman’s Agreement,” (1947), or have him read the book by Laura Z. Hobson. We apparently haven’t come a long way. Are we going back to the days when applicants for positions were asked what holidays they observe? This is a disgrace.

  2. Kathy Napoli says:

    Unless you are an employee of the University and understand all of the strict procedures that must be adhered to, you have no clue and should make no comment until you have walked in the person’s shoes. The Provost at Brooklyn College is a fine upstanding scholar without a biased bone in his body. He is a regular down to earth person who is upfront, dedicated and follows procedure at all times. The groups of people who will not approve of him are the people who are uppity and think they are better than their fellow man. If anything, this Provost will treat all as equals which is a rare and pleasant breath of fresh air sorely needed throughout this entire city. He is not responsible nor guilty of these false allegations. It is outrageous to me that the people who are making these allegations in this public forum are the very people using nepotism to do so. There are procedures for everything in a public institution and those who do not get their way because of those procedures need to take appropriate actions to air their difference of opinion or thoughts of unfairness. Those who have done this public display and have accused this fine person of bias should be ashamed!

  3. KPMc says:

    Dov Hikind has something to complain about…

    Lets all jump without knowing any of the details lest we all be labeled…

    Lets have Hikind put words in peoples mouths based on rumors and unsubstantiated allegations…

    Nah… nothing wrong with that way of thinking.

    It’s amazing what people can get away with if they shout it loud enough and use religion as a cloak.

  4. Observer at BC says:

    Tramontano is the same Provost who caved into pressure by Dov Hikind, firing an adjunct for the young scholar’s focus on the discriminiation Palestinians have endured by hard-line, racists in Israel. In other words, Tramontano is an equal opportunity bigot–I’m not sure if he’s anti-semitic, but many of us who work at Brooklyn College know, first hand, and based upon his “off-color” comments about women and people of color that he’s definitely a soft- if not a hard-core racist and sexist.

  5. Colin says:

    My comment about Queensborough Community College was removed.

    Are they afraid of the truth?

  6. Tim says:

    They are the same people that cheated on their SAT exam years ago.

  7. Steve from brooklyn says:

    Corruption, nepotism all exist at the College. Dov is a bigot and him and his pals Chuckie, Mark, Louise and chuckie wife are behind this

  8. Ger says:

    I wanted to separate racism from Observant Jewish hatred, but the argument for that became too silly. Let’s just call it all racism because it fits.

  9. MIKE says:


    GET HIM!!!

  10. Da Slope hood says:

    Let me guess “William Tramontano” lives in Park Slope!

  11. CT Native says:

    This is 2012, isn’t it? Fire the bum!

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