NYC Elevator Repairmen Don’t Need A License; Quinn Calls It ‘Crazy’

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – There have been several deadly mishaps involving elevators in New York City of late and you might be surprised to learn that elevator repairmen in the city do not need a license.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb On The Story

“Elevator repair people in New York City are not required to be licensed. That’s crazy when you think about what an enormous responsibility it is to repair elevators and the tragedies that can occur,” said City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

Now the City Council is poised to do something about it.

One measure she says the council will pass will demand licensing of elevator repair personnel and add a national certificate requirement to local tests.

A second bill will require the installation of more safety technology on elevators.

Just last week, an elevator repairman was electrocuted while working in a midtown building.

Should elevator repair workers be licensed? Sound off in the comments section below!


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  1. Mike d says:

    I have a license to ill

  2. Tommy says:

    licensed drivers get into “accidents” every day.

  3. Bill says:

    I think its time that all politicians should be licensed. The test would focus upon their knowledge of fiscal responsibility. They would not be able to create the test or have any influence on its creation.



  5. Phillip says:

    By the way, Does Christine Quinn have a license to be City Council Speaker? Getting licensed means only more money for the city to spent more on paper and less on oversight. Do any of the astronauts have any license to fly the space crafts? What happened to that crane operator with a license? Licenses do not stop you from getting hurt or killed. Christine Quinn is the one that’s crazy. Well at lest she got her face time for free before next election.

    1. Michael H. says:

      NASA astronauts have pilots licenses. Many of them are Air Force pilots or Naval aviators. They have to go through years of rigorous training before they are allowed anywhere near a spacecraft.

      Licensing ensures a minimum level of competence in a field. You need a license to operate a motor vehicle. You need a license to be an electrician, plumber, etc. Why shouldn’t the person responsible for lives going up and down dozens of stories need to be licensed as well?

  6. Mike says:

    There use to be elevator certificates posted in a frame inside elevators some years ago,that you could read when they were last inspected.Now it looks like you have to go to the building managers office to see that certificate,which I think was showing inspected by someone in the buildings dept of the city.I don’t know the reason for that,except maybe anyone could remove the cover and scribble something down with a false date? It would be good if these certificates were in the lobby of these buildings,where anyone could see them,and with security cameras around,I don’t think they would try to forge these certificates. If not the repairmen,the companies should have a kind of license to show they have the requirements to do the maintenance,and their repairman to be certified in what they do.

  7. charles thomas says:

    well until they do, all elevators should have a glass fool so at least people will know when to jump.

    1. charles thomas says:

      wait I meant fass glool.

  8. NYC Resident says:

    Of course they should be licensed!! In order to remodel my home, I need to obtain permits, have licensed contractors to not receive violations. These repair workers don’t need to be licensed and in return are not truly responsible for their work. If they don’t have to be licensed, who monitors their work?? cash flow?? Maybe if they were held accountable for a license, they wouldn’t be so quick to just earn a dollar. You have people out there using their experience in the industry as a moonlighting way to make quick cash under the table. They go to the building, make sure the elevator runs (doesn’t always mean safely) and then they write up a bill on a blank piece of paper and call it cash. Are they paying taxes?? Are they being held accountable for their debts?? NYC imposes laws to not give money to the homeless, spends countless hours and money making sure illegal immigrants aren’t cutting vegetables in restaurants but how are they monitoring mechanical equipment that I put my family in everyday.

    1. Amused but not misled says:

      Like your permits- the MUNICPAL INSPECTOR visits. RIGHT?

      The system aint broke. They just dont run it like they are supposed to.

      Where are the City elevator inspectors in all this? No one self-checks their work. Not electricians. Not plumbers. Not builders. Therse guys are ALL Licensed by still somneone else comes into check. THE CITY INSPECTOR.

      So why aren’t they? Ask Mayor wannabe why are there no City Inspections like all other trades. Because she wants press- not results. That takes too much work.

  9. Mo says:

    Boy, you can tell Quinn is going to be running for mayor next year. All of a sudden she’s all over the place, honking about something.

    Give it up, sister. After allowing Lord Bloomberg to run for a third term, against the wishes of NYers, you should be run out of town.

    1. None Of Your Business says:

      I agree. Get Bloomberg and her out of town as soon as possible.

  10. Amused but not misled says:

    A JOKE!!

    Look at the great results of the City Crane Operator Licenses. A crane collapses every other rmonth in the City.

    Can you say KAH CHING KAH CHING for the City?

    How about City Elevator inspectors actually seeing & inspecting the elevators like they are supposed to do?

    1. Michael H. says:

      When was the last crane collapse? The last one I remember was in 2008 on the UES. That wasn’t the fault of the crane operator either, but of the owner of the equipment who failed to maintain it properly.

      1. Amused but not misled says:

        2011. Read the papers

        1. Michael H. says:

          ok, and what were the details of the collapse? who was at fault?

          1. Tommy says:

            sometimes accidents happen and nobody is “at fault”. I think Michael H. must be a liberal democrat.

            1. Michael H. says:

              I’m a liberal leaning independent. Neither party has the best interest of the people in mind. Don’t bring politics into this. I’m only arguing in favor of licensing here, Tommy. I fully understand that sometimes accidents just happen. Take the crane collapse yesterday, for example. It was likely an accident simply because it was a cable that snapped. In other instances there was negligence on the part of the crane owner. Very rarely is the operator the cause of the incident. These guys are trained to move tons of material with a tolerance of mere inches.

  11. The Mayor of my Bldg says:

    An unlicensed elevator repairman is a fatal accident waiting to happen.

  12. Name says:

    politicians don’t need licenses either

  13. r says:


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