Police: Bronx Man Arrested In Petroleum Jelly Burglaries

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police have arrested a Bronx man wanted in a string of robberies in Manhattan dating back to last year.

40-year-old Luis Gonzalez has been charged with burglary, grand larceny and petit larceny in the so-called petroleum jelly burglaries, police said.

The 14 incidents all took place in Hamilton Heights, West Harlem, Washington Heights and Inwood between Sept. 4, 2011 and March 8 of this year.

In each burglary, police said Gonzalez rubbed petroleum jelly on the apartment door peepholes of his victims so they couldn’t identify him.

Authorities said Gonzalez made off with laptops, jewelry, cellphones, iPods, televisions, cigarettes and even bicentennial coins.

No injuries were reported in an of the incidents.

  • McDoogle

    White people never commit crimes.

  • injun

    OH ! One of the wonderful new immigrants bringing their colorful culture to the United States. Give us a break.

  • Bman

    Great comment “Amused” nice !



  • Att. Hoar

    I bought an IPAD from him last weekend….

  • Amused but not misled

    This guy comes equipped with his own vaseline for prison. Good planning.

    Or… was it left over from his last prision stay? :))

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