Thousands Of Brooklynites Fighting To Save G Train Extension

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The fight to save the G Train extension continues, and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is hearing from thousands of Brooklynites.

For the past three years, the G Train has been serving five extra stations in Park Slope, Windsor Terrace and Kensington. But once it finishes construction on the Culver Viaduct, the MTA is planning to end the line at Smith-9th Street, the original termination point.

On Wednesday, a petition to keep the extension was dropped of at MTA headquarters.

“11,000 signatures is nothing to sneeze at,” city comptroller John Liu said in a speech in front of supporters on Wednesday. “And it shows how strong the public interest is in keeping the G Train open and as full as possible.”

The Working Families Party delivered the petition as part of a national day of action against transit issues.

Have you signed this petition to save the G Train extension? And if not, would you? Share your comments below…


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  1. VY says:

    The F line from Coney Island to Manhattan is one of the few lines that has tracks for express service, but no express service. The G should terminate at Church Ave. Durring rush hours the F should run every other train as an express from Church Ave. to Jay Street. A few select rush hour F trains should run from Coney Island local to King Highway, then express from Kings Highway to Jay Street in the morning rush hour, and express from Jay Street to Kings Highway then local to Coney Island in the afternoon rush hour. Every other line from Coney Island to Manhattan has an express portion of their runs, or an express alternative along the same line EXCEPT the F line. Ridership is up. This service is needed.

  2. john yessis says:

    At least the G should go to 4th Avenue, enabling transfers to other main routes!

    Enough of easy switching back for the return to Queens!

  3. TAPPANTOBY says:

    I remember the D train in 1956.The G train met the D at Jay St, Boro Hall.
    I remember the Culver line shuttle only ran from 36St & 4th Ave to Ditmas Ave,where you could transfer to the D line for Free..
    I have not traveled on a NYC train in 42 years….I hope this change is an Improvement, but i doubt it because of the attitude of the TA……Hasn’t changed in 67 years

  4. Matt says:

    Heres a bright idea, you want to save the G train…ride the G train!

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