Ask Asa: Dial Up Savings

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — You’ve heard time is money. Find out just how true that is by taking the time to place some phone calls and make some money. CBS 2’s consumer reporter Asa Aarons is here to tell us how.

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    I would like to share a very troubling situation with one of the largest cell phones carriers in the USA. T-Mobile of course! The story goes that on 10/11 I returned two phones on a recent upgrade with T-MOBILE. I noticed that T-Mobile has been engaging in unfair consumer practices and I decided to involve my Bank and I was able to get my money back in the amount of $596.00. Now T-Mobile has decided to include the amount on my current bills for the amount to $596.00. Mind you that the phones were returned to T-Mobile via UPS (as instructed). Confirmation has been established that the devices were delivered and received by T-Mobile at Forth Worth, Texas. Now they are claiming that that they don’t have the devices and they are now questioning the integrity of my claim. They have gone as far as to ask me if I have the phones. I been in contact with T=Mobile reps. and all seem to be putting the blame on me. I gave T-Mobile the tracking # designated by UPS on to the delivered package, dates and name of the individual who last received the phones. The merchandise when delivered on 10/25/11 had been scanned by Jenny Hernandez at Forth Worth, Texas. I want to expose T-Mobile and I need your help. By the way UPS manager named John assured me that the problem lies with T-Mobile, Indeed. The more I deal with T-Mobile the more I come to the conclusion that this company is broken and the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. It appears to me THIS IS AN INSIDE JOB. Can you help me with this problem with T-Moron? Imagine, I sent out a certified letter requiring a signature and later I received confirmation of receipt. The recipient call later to tell me he did not received the letter that he received and signed off for it.


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