New Yorkers Dumbfounded As Computer Virus Affects At Least 600,000 Macs

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The latest assault on computer users has targeted 600,000 Macs and counting worldwide.

About half of those were infected with the so-called Mac Flashback Trojan here in the United States, which comes as a major surprise to Mac users who thought they had absolutely nothing to worry about.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports

After all, remember this one in a part of a series of commercials touting Mac’s superiority? The lack of viruses is part of the centerpiece of Apple’s advertising campaign.

Mac has always had a reputation of being more immune to viruses than PCs.

“One of the reasons why I switched to Mac — because I’m a programmer for PC — is because I heard that Macs do not get viruses,” one Bronx man told 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg.

An ex-hacker says that Mac users should look at this as a wake-up call.

“It’s better to lock all your doors and bolt all your windows instead of letting all the problems in and waiting for the burglar to come in,” he told Sandberg. “They’re just as vulnerable as the rest of the world.”

Most Mac users admit they’ve grown confident, perhaps even complacent, with Apple.

“Being that it’s a Mac, I really don’t consider any protections for it,” another New Yorker admitted. “I think it’s automatically there.”

The first signs of the Mac Flashback Trojan appeared last September.

Mac users, how concerned are you? Do you see this as a wake-up call, or do you trust that the issue will be resolved in a timely fashion? Share your thoughts below…


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  1. Your article was excellent and erudite.

  2. honkj says:

    or are they more dumb founded by you calling a “virus” attack, when there still are no viruses for a mac, making it look like you have zero idea of what you are talking about????

    worse, it is a trojan you have to actually give your password to. so no threat to anyone who has a slight clue….

    and wait, you have two security firms selling “virus” software saying they confirm each other? shocker…..

  3. pkadam says:

    Yes exactly 600k and not one more or less and verified by another Russian firm with vested interest.

    Would be more credible if the second firm said 650k but no it is 600k.

  4. pjs_boston says:

    The Flashback Trojan is not a virus. It cannot self-replicate and it cannot install itself on a system without thee user actively participating in the installation by typing in their admin password. What we have here is 600,000 complacent idiots who took the trojan horse in through the gates willingly.

    1. honkj says:

      and unbelievably, there are not even 600,000 complacent idiots… well in that sense of meaning anyway, this is just like all the other red herrings, these are security firms lying about the numbers, and the seriousness, just like the other “mac” trojans from before….

      worse yet, none of these security firms did/ or even would have detected the ‘trojan” before it became a known entity by just about everyone…. making them worthless too…

  5. Jim says:

    People need to realize it doesn’t matter what OS you are using, you are always vulnerable if you don’t protect yourself and your systems. Most people are big stupid animals!

  6. commun5 says:

    It’s not a virus, it’s a Trojan Horse. The computer user has to take affirmative action to allow the malware to install on the computer. This can be a problem on any operating system.

    @Allen. It’s Mac, not MAC. Congratulations on making the mistake that proves you are a troll.

    1. DanTe says:

      Amazingly, other operating systems would have patched it sooner than the standard 8 months it takes Apple to even admit to a problem. Than it’ll usually take Apple another 5 months for the patch.

    2. Whitemike says:

      If you read the Security bulletin, you’d know the malware in question installs even if you cancel the authentication request. It’s pretty cool someone figured out how to use java to gain admin access, but it happens all of the time. Just wait till something hits phones and sms’s itself to everyone in your contact list. Don’t worry, the kids sandbox may protect you.

      1. honkj says:

        If you read the Security bulletin, you’d know the malware in question installs even if you cancel the authentication request. It’s pretty cool someone figured out how to use java to gain admin access

        this is false, if you don’t give it “authentication” it TRYS other avenues and sees what it can install, which is nothing of any value to them….

        in otherwords, it still is exactly like the other red herrings that people put up as a “hack” and then security firms lying about how “serious” it is, and how many “infections” there are…

  7. E says:

    Someone once said to me that the people who create these viruses should be killed, the corpse fed to a zombie, excreted, magically brought to life again and then killed again etc… ad infinitum.

    Me, I just say kill them.

    And I mean it,

  8. Allen says:

    This is only a beginning of invasion to MAC world. I think the target is for Apple mobile devices, there are more Apple mobile devices than MAC computers now in use. Hackers seem to like to challenge the biggest companies, Apple now is on top of the list. Watch out for that.

  9. Robert says:

    People should guard against unwarranted bragging….to brag to hackers that you’re hack-proof….that’s a challenge to them. The hack-proof computer hasn’t been invented…if you have something bet…lay low.

    1. honkj says:

      and yet with all that “bragging” hackers still have not been able to “hack” a mac without someone giving out a password through some phishing scheme, like the one people are holding up as a hacking attack today….

      if I call you up on your phone number and tell you that i’m your bank, and i need to verify your password, does that mean your phone is infected by a “virus”? and that i should put plastic over the ear piece?

      because that is how silly your statement is…. hacker indeed…. does that make all the sales reps calling at dinner time a “hacker”? asking for your credit card number to sell you something you don’t need?

      which is about 1000 times worse than giving your password out so they can make money be fake clicking on a google ad….

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