Person Struck And Killed By LIRR Train Near Deer Park Station

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A person has been struck and killed by a Long Island Rail Road train near the Deer Park train station, the LIRR said.

The incident snarled the morning commute.

Service along the Ronkonkoma Branch was suspended and several trains bound for the Atlantic Terminal or Penn Station were canceled as police investigated.

The victim, identified by Metropolitan Transportation Authority police as 42-year-old Gary McCue, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Ronkonkoma eastbound trains were terminated in Farmingdale. Customers headed east of Farmingdale were told to detrain in Hicksville for buses.

Service was restored at around 10 a.m.

Should the LIRR be doing more to prevent this type of incident? What would you suggest? Sound off in our comments section below. 


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  1. Long Island Man says:

    Here’s an intesting idea, the Long Island Rail Road should hire 100 “Suicide Prevention Monitors” at an annual salary of $125,000 a year and place them at every one of their stations, and their entire job would be to prevent any coming to that station for the purpose of committing suicide. And for that additional expense, the LIRR can raise the average monthly to $400/month. It would worth it.

    1. Montcalms Revenge says:

      Don’t forget the $2 million for signs and celebrity PA announcements: “Hi, this is Alec Baldwin reminding you not to throw yourself into the path of an on-coming train…”

  2. Montcalms Revenge says:

    As a daily commuter who uses the LIRR: my monthly tickets cost too much to begin with. I don’t think the railroad needs to pay for added safety measures when a little common sense is all that is needed. Stay away from the tracks(especially when you hear a train coming).

    1. disappointed in mankind says:

      You are all a bunch of idiots who don’t even know the details of what happened. Shame on all of you who are so cold, callous and judgmental. It wasn’t a suicide it was an extremely unfortunate accident. I know the man who was killed. Super nice guy with three young children who now don’t have a father. Unfortunately lots of people are accidentally killed by trains and if you ask me Yea I believe there should be measures in place to prevent this sort of thing!!

  3. cuznjames51 says:

    First of all, people have to be accountable for their own actions and to be more careful. LIRR is guilty about many thing but one thing they’re not guilty of is failure to provide safety measures for riders/pedestrians. If people have some unfortunate personal problems that would render them unstable enough to threaten their own lives and personal safety, there is enough help available for them to help themselves. We MUST become more accountable for our own actions.

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