When Boomer & Craig heard about the Mets selling tickets to Wednesday afternoon’s tilt with the Nationals (Stephen Strasburg and Johan Santana are the scheduled starters) for $2.50, the Dynamic Radio Duo wanted to see if this was in fact true.  So Craig did a little research and learned that four tickets will end up costing around $14, not $10, when it’s all said and done.

Not a bad price to see a Major League Baseball game, but at the same time, not $2.50.

Al Dukes was quick to chime in, pointing out  that if you purchase your seat online and print your own ticket, well then you don’t have a ticket stub.  Al went on to explain to the guys why he is so lonely, I mean that he collects old ticket stubs as a keepsake.

Al’s revelation prompted Boomer to ask the 42-year-old single male if he shows his extensive collection of stubs – which are stored in a drawer – to his dates…

LISTEN: $2.50 Mets Tickets (Sorta) & Al Dukes’ Stubs (04/09)

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