Today’s NY Post had a piece on Carmelo Anthony’s wife, La La (pictured along with her man), and her ‘full-court life.’ Featured in the piece was a picture of the lovely La La in the couple’s duplex apartment in Hell’s Kitchen, with a painting of her husband prominently displayed in the wall behind her.

This reminded Craig of his old friend, Jim Nantz, who has been made fun of through the years based upon his desire to hang a painting of himself in his home.  After seeing Melo’s hanging on the wall, Craig said he would mind having a painting of himself to decorate his home.

With that, Craig offered a sincere, heartfelt apology to Mr. Nantz for what has become years and years of ribbing…

LISTEN: Carmelo Has A Little Nantz In Him – Craig Offers A Heartfelt Apology (04/19)

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