By Tony Tantillo

Garlic Shrimp Rigatoni

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10 oz. Shrimp

4 oz. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

8 oz. Rigatoni

2 1/2 oz. Seafood Stock

2 oz. White Wine

1 Lemon

3 oz. Chopped Parsley

1 1/2 oz. Chopped Garlic

2 Thyme Sprigs

1 Roma Tomato (Chopped)

Meal Preparation:

 Cook Rigatoni 8-10 minutes and set aside. In a pan, heat olive oil.  Add shrimp, garlic and thyme; cook for two minutes.  Add juice from one lemon, white wine, and seafood stock.  Cook until the liquids are reduced 50%.

Add pasta, parsley and chopped tomato.  Serve.

(NOTE: Prep times can vary by equipment. Be sure to check that meat is fully cooked.)

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