NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Two pals from Rockaway Beach really want to hear your idea.

WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman On The Story

Kevin Boyle and Rick Horan think your idea might just change the world, help someone, or make you millions, WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman reported.

Boyle and Horan have a website called Ideas Improv. The two were literally out riding bicycles when the idea for “Ideas Improv” hit them.

“I belive it was this past July or August, and Kevin has always had ideas for different documentaries. One that was going to be on Anthony Weiner’s mayoral campaign got short circuited shortly before,” Horan told Silverman. “So he was looking for another project. It dawned on him that the perfect project might be to seek ideas that other people have.”

“To our delight, people have been very generous. The ideas have come from the wacky to the ingenious,” Boyle said. “Kind of like fishing. Sometimes we go out, and we get more hits than others.”

Boyle said some people were suspicious, and that was most evident when the pair was in Times Square. “They must have been thinking we were really out to scam them or something because they were saying, ‘You’re going to steal my idea.'”

Horan had an idea for a pedal next to a toilet that you could activate with your foot to raise or lower the toilet seat.

A man named Michael Levine gave them an idea he hoped would promote world peace. “My idea is that you cannot qualify for the World Cup if your country is currently involved in an interior or exterior conflict,” he said.

A child suggested that children should be brought up with children of different backgrounds.

Here are just some of the other ideas.

– Give college students free MetroCards.
– Give out-of-state students at state colleges the same tuition rates as those who live in-state.
– A baby bottle shaped like a trombone. When a baby puts it up to his mouth, it looks like he’s playing an instrument.
– A beer bottle where when you peel off the label, it turns into a coaster.

But the one idea that always keeps them going was expressed by Horan, who said, “Most of us have ideas constantly, and we don’t share them. An idea kept to yourself is wasted.”

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