Al Dukes got his hands on an old picture of Craig with hair, so he decided to ‘tweet’ the photo with the hopes of a reaction — and a reaction he got.  Boomer described his radio partner as looking very feminine, while the Twitter world piled on to Al’s delight.

If you would like to be part of the fun, go ahead and follow the Boomer & Carton morning show staff on Twitter yourself:

Boomer: @7BoomerEsiason

Craig: @CC660

Al Dukes: @AlsBoringTweets

Jerry Recco: @JerryRecco

B&C Morning Show: @BoomerandCarton

After that fun subsided, Craig introduced today’s highly-attractive ‘Attention Grabber’ with a name fit for a stripper, we heard Tyson Chandler offer a pass to his teammate, Craig described the fire extinguisher that apparently got the best of Stoudemire and an astute Twitter follower shares what he wishes was punched instead of the devise designed to put out fires….

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