NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – To mark the fourth day of Sweets Week, Eileen Kerbel of Molly’s Cupcakes stopped by the CBS 2 studios for a lesson in how to decorate the tasty treats so they look as good as they taste.

Molly’s Cupcakes was ranked by USA Today as one of the top cupcake spots in the nation. Check out our list of best cupcakes in New York City here.

Kerbel explained the correct method of applying frosting from a pastry bag (hold it at a slight angle, start on the outside and work your way in). Kerbel said for those who don’t have a pastry bag, they can simply cut the corner off a large plastic bag.

That’s when CBS 2’s John Elliott raised eyebrows with his unusual method for eating a cupcake.

“May I demonstrate the correct way to eat a cupcake?” Elliott asked.

“You take the cupcake… you rip it in two,” Elliott explained, removing the bottom of the cupcake carefully from the top. Elliott then placed the bottom on top of the frosting. “Then you make a cupcake sandwich, thereby maximizing frosting distribution in each and every bite.

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