Lucky for the Knicks, there was actually a story this morning that eclipsed their inability to win a playoff game — 13 losses in a row and counting after last night’s 87-70 loss — as Yankees closer Mariano Rivera tore up his right knee while shagging fly balls prior to last night’s contest in Kansas City, a game the Bombers went on to lose 4-3.

As far as the shaggin’, it’s something Mariano has done his entire career, so there is no story there.  Now the short-term question becomes, what will the Yankees do with Mo not there to turn to in the 9th?  Perhaps David Robertson gets the nod. Maybe Rafael Soriano?

For the long term, the questions surround Mariano’s future, is it possible we’ve seen the greatest closer of all time throw his last pitch?  Both members of the Dynamic Radio Duo agree that there is no way Mariano will allow his career to end on the warning track of Kansas City and they fully expect him to do whatever it takes to get back into the pinstripes.

The guys shared how they found out the news about Mariano, Boomer deduced that Twitter is a useful social media tool, the Knicks’ Game 3 debacle gets a mention, we learn that Boomer has just one mortgage and ‘the’ Eddie Scozzare is compared to a female dog…

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