When it comes to choosing a favorite athlete of all-time, one would have to assume Craig would select 1988 NFL MVP and his best friend Boomer Esiason, but when it comes to Craig’s favorite baseball player of all-time, William Hayward ‘Mookie’ Wilson is atop the list, and the former Mets player and coach joined the Dynamic Radio Duo this morning to to a little catching-up – which comes natural to the former center fielder.

Right off the-bat, Craig asked Mookie about being relieved of his duties as Mets 1st base coach following last season, a position he held from 1996-2002 and then again in 2011 before getting fired.  Mookie did not sound to happy about being let go, said he was ‘shocked’ when he heard the news, but it didn’t sound as if he would hold his grudge very long.

Moving right along, Mookie talked about the Mets success thus far and the nice collection of young talent they have, he offered his thoughts on Jordany ‘I’m the Man right Now’ Valdespin and the rookie being given his ‘#1’, of course the subject of the 1986 Mets came-up and Mookie had some very interesting things to say about a young Dwight Gooden and a young Darryl Strawberry.

Mookie went on to praise to work ethics of the much-maligned Jason Bay and former Met Carlos Beltran – who is currently tearing it up for the Cardinals.  He cringed when Craig told him how much money the ball he hit under the legs of Bill Buckner in Game 6 of the ’86 World Series went for in a recent auction and they said goodbye soon after Mookie & Craig sang some gospel music together…

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