NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – If you love New York City like we love New York City then tag along with Toni On! We uncover hidden city secrets, show you the coolest stuff to do and hunt down the best treats because we love to eat! If you’re looking for a good time, Toni is your go-to guide!

We are exploring New York’s new it neighborhood… its incredible waterfront parks, remnants of its industrial past, then we are chowing down on award winning burnt tips and foie gras, melt in your mouth macaroons. And bag a brunch that Elvis would have loved while washing it down at the only beach bar in the city – plus I unsuccessfully channel my inner MacGyver.

Toni On! New York: Long Island City’s History, Dining at “El Ay Si” and Little Oven’s Macarons

Toni On! New York: LIC’s Pepsi Sign, the Beach Bar along the East River, John Brown’s Smokehouse

Toni On! New York: A stunt school in New York City?

Toni On! New York: The Socrates Sculpture Park & PopUp New York Quiz

Tune in next week for more Toni On! New York. 

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