Boomer & Craig were very excited to have former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather in the Allstate Studio in the 8am hour to talk about whatever happened to come-up.

Mr. Rather is a friend of the Show, so when he wanted to promote his new book: ‘Rather Outspoken: My Life in the News’ – he knew where to come.

The guys talked about a whole host of topics, from his plans for watching tonight’s Rangers-Devil game (drinking a beer with his feet up), to his relationship with Walter Cronkite – the man he replaced as anchor of the CBS Evening News back in 1981.

We also heard about Rather’s first-hand account & perspective of the JFK assassination, as well as the tragic events of 9/11.  He showed very little humility when saying that he was the clearer tougher than both Tom Brokaw & Peter Jennings, he believes we did land on the moon back in 1969, loves to fly fish (just not with Craig) and how he was offered a chance to be on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ (but declined out of fear of his wife – which is understandable).

Of course the question on everyone’s mind – ‘what are ya’ bechin’ was asked and I think the 80 year-old Rather’s answer might surprise you.  Rather also was on-hand to read the nominees for the ‘2012 Pulse of the People Award’ which was a thrill and I believe he would have stuck around a little longer had Craig not brought up Boomer’s ashes – which prompted Rather to call for ‘the check’ and say farewell..

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