NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — Police have continued to investigate the death of Etan Patz. Pedro Hernandez confessed to killing Patz thirty-three years ago, according to investigators. They have now started to focus their investigation on what he told other people in the years following Etan’s death.

Detectives are looking into a possible admission made by Hernandez at a church in Camden, NJ during a prayer group led by Tomas Rivera.

Rivera refused to speak to reporters, but his wife told CBS 2’s Dick Brennan that she was not present when Hernandez supposedly made the confession.

In spite of confessions that Hernandez supposedly made to the prayer group and to family members, prosecution of the case my prove difficult due to a lack of physical evidence.

Police are currently asking the Sanitation Department for their records from May 1979 in an effort to track down more evidence.

“Obviously we have put a lot of resources into the investigation, a lot of detectives gathering information and talking to people. We believe that will be helpful in building the case,” said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Landfills in Brooklyn and Staten Island have been identified for further investigation.

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