Back to reality.  The Rangers’ loss to the Devils Friday night marked the end of the Blueshirts’ season, as well as the end of any sustainable conversation that involves the sport of hockey on the Morning Extravaganza moving forward — that is of course after Boomer got a few things off his chest about ‘King’ Henrik, Torts and the gang.

Craig had no problem and actually seemed to take great joy in Boomer’s misery, which really wasn’t all that surprising considering the odd relationship the two have both on and off the air.

Bottom line is that with the Rangers now out of the picture, the phrase ‘nobody cares about hockey’ will once again be in the morning show mix and ‘America’s Favorite Pastime’ will be front and center.  Baseball is back baby, as Craig declared today to be an ‘Opening Day rebirth’ of sorts, and it was there that we began…

LISTEN: Baseball Is Back, Baby! (05/29)

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